Pay Multiple Invoices with One Check QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Receive Payment for Multiple Customers

QuickBooks Desktop software is fully fledged, with amazing features, that allow the user to work effortlessly. Receiving payment in QuickBooks refers to, recording the amount of money that was received by the user.

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How to Receive Payment in QuickBooks Desktop?

  • Firstly, launch your QuickBooks Desktop software.
  • Then, navigate to the Menu Bar, and click on the Plus icon.
  • Next, select the Receive Payment option, which is located in the Customer window.
  • After that, go to the Choose A Customer list and choose the name of the Customer, by whom you were paid.
  • Now, you need to type in the name of the Customer, in the required field.
  • Next, type in the date on which you were paid.
  • And then mention the method, through which payment is done.
  • You have to type in the Check Number if you want the Reference Number.

For Undeposited Funds

If the payments that are received by you, is to be deposited in a group, then go through the following instructions:

  • Navigate to the Menu Bar and click on the Deposit Menu.
  • Then, select the account named Undeposited Funds.
  • Next, select the account on which the payment was deposited.
  • Now, tap on the Close and Save buttons.
  • Make sure, you select the Save and New button if another payment is yet to be received.

Apply One Payment for Their Multiple Customers

Some users are not able to apply one payment to multiple customers. To solve this issue, follow the instructions step-wise:

  • First of all, open your QuickBooks Desktop Software, and go to the main window.
  • Then, choose the Plus icon from the Menu Bar.
  • Next, click on the Bank Deposit option.
  • Further, look for the Account drop-down list.
  • Now, from the list, you need to select the account, on which the fund is to be deposited.
  • Then, open the table, named Add other funds to this deposit.
  • Next, go to the Received From section, and add the Customers who will receive the same payment.
  • For the Account field, you have to make use of the Account Receivable, and input the amount in each line.
  • At last click on the Save and Close button to save the changes.

The users also come across issues, like they are not able to receive the payments, corresponding to the customer invoice, and get the fund deposited in their cash account.

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Get Expert Advice to Fix All Accounting & Bookkeeping Problems


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