Price Tag Printer: Printing Barcode Labels for Price Tags in QuickBooks POS

What is a Price Tag Printer

Price tag printers are in vogue. Retailers all over the world are using price tag printers with QuickBooks Point of Sale. QB POS offers complete solutions for retailers. These solutions make it possible for retailers to improve their efficiency substantially. Further, the POS system fits in well with the overall professional setting.

Price Tag Printer for QuickBooks POS

Many companies provide price tag printers that are compatible with QuickBooks POS. This provides users, such as you, greater flexibility and empowers you to make the right choice.

It is always important to research thoroughly before making such an investment. Wide range availability of price tag printers for QuickBooks POS 2019-22 enables users to personalize their selection.

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Things to Note Before Purchasing Price Tag Printer for QuickBooks POS

1. Speed:

The speed at which the printer can print price tags is something that will have to be taken into consideration. Maybe not in the short run, but in the long run, this will matter.

2. Electricity Consumption:

One of the most important criteria to consider while purchasing an electronic item. A price tag printer that consumes less electricity will be beneficial in the long run.

3. Design:

Design is something that we all care about. We want to purchase accessories that coalesce well with the setting of our office. You can easily find price tag printers for QuickBooks POS in various colors such as gray, black, white, and so on. Different color combinations are available as well.

Price tag printers can be easily configured. Once you make the purchase, follow the instructions provided along with the tag printer for installing it on your system.

With most tag printers, users get a CD or DVD through which they can install the necessary drivers. Once you install the drivers, the printer will be shown as an option while printing through any program on your system.

How to Print Things with The Tag Printer in Quickbooks POS

If you need to print anything through this tag printer then you can follow the steps provided below:

Total Time: 6 minutes

  1. Step One

    Open QuickBooks POS

  2. Step Two

    Go to the form that you want to print. You can print forms such as invoices, bills, and so on along with reports. Here, you need to create a price tag for the document.

  3. Step Three

    Click on the print option provided for the form or report or price tag.

  4. Step Four

    Click on the printer to see a drop-down list. From the list select the price tag printer.

  5. Step Five

    See a preview of the form or report to ascertain accuracy.

  6. Step Six

    Enter the number of copies you want for the document.

  7. Step Seven

    Click on print.

Need Professional Help?

If, by any chance, you are still encountering problems in configuring or using a price tag printer with QuickBooks POS then call us at our Quickbooks pro advisor support phone number at Chat now.

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  1. Is a price tag printer necessary for printing barcode labels for price tags?

    Yes, it is necessary to print the barcode labels. To create the product code, the user is required to make a barcode which means that every product has its own unique identity. It will help to track the product easily.

  2. How do I create and print barcode labels for price tag printers in QuickBooks?

    From the top menu, hit the click on the File. Then, you have to choose the Print Forms. After this, you have to select the Labels that you need to print. Hit the Ok button and then open the setting tab to make a new one as per requirement. Hit the click on the Print button and you are all done with this program.

  3. How to set up a USB barcode scanner for price tag printers in the QuickBooks Desktop?

    Open the Edit menu and then choose Preferences. Choose the items and inventory and hit click on the Company tab. Now, you have to choose the “Advanced Inventory settings” and click on the Barcodes tab. The next thing you have to do to choose the types of items for which you need to generate barcodes



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