Print, Email, Export or View the Budget Reports

There are budget reports of two types that can be accessed and then export, print or email to Excel:

  1. Budget Overview: You can see the budgeted amount’s summary for the specific budget, through this report
  2. Budget vs Actuals: You can see the summary of the budgeted amount compared with the actual amount along with the variance in them and the variance percentage through this report

You can view the reports, all you have to do is:

  1. From the top select the icon of Gear and then select Budgeting
  2. Get the desired budget located. Then from the Action column’s drop-down select the Budget vs. Actuals report or Budget Overview report
  3. (Optional Step) Once it is open, you can easily export, print or email the budget:
  • Go to upper right side and select the icon of Email in order to get the budget report emailed
  • Select the icon of Print in order to get the print of budget report
  • Select the icon of Export so that budget report is exported to the PDF or Excel

In order to see the different report, go to upper-left side and choose Budget drop-down and then select different budget.
When the budget report is getting printed
Irrespective of the columns or rows it has, the budget report will get printed in one page. In case you find that the fonts of the printed report and very small, then get the budget reported exported to excel and then take out the print from there.
Creating a Budget in QuickBooks
Make sure that before you get started with the budget making, fiscal year’s first month is specified by you and reviewing of historical amounts are done.
Step 1: Setting the first month of fiscal year
Budget will get started from the fiscal year’s first month, hence ensure that setting of the Fiscal Year is accurate.

  1. Choose Gear icon present on the top and after that select Company Settings or Account and Settings
  2. After that select Advanced
  3. Then, check whether fiscal year’s first month is correct or not, if not then select the icon of pencil from the section of Accounting and make sure that fiscal year’s first month is set correctly
  4. After that select Save

Step 2: Reviewing the Historical Amounts
In case your budget is based upon the historical data then make sure that report of Profit and Loss Detail is run, to ensure that assigning of the transactions was done correctly in past.
To see the amount of last fiscal year:

  1. Go to left menu and select Reports
  2. Then get the Profit and Loss Detail opened
  3. After that from the Report period select the Last Fiscal Year, you can also choose Last Year, in case your fiscal year’s first month is January
  4. Choose Run report

Step 3: Creating Budget

  1. From the top choose Gear icon and then select Budgeting
  2. After that select the Add budget
  3. Then go to Name field and get the budget name entered
  4. Now from the drop-down of Fiscal Year, choose fiscal year for your budget
  5. Then from the drop-down of Interval, select how you wanted to keep the budget, either Yearly, Quarterly or Monthly
  6. (Optional step) From the drop-down of Prefill data? Choose whether you wanted to prefill the data in budget or not. If you opt for prefilling the data, then select the year from which you wanted to use the data from
  7. (Optional step) Now from the drop-down of Subdivide by, choose how to do you want to split it, whether by Location, Customer or Class and after that select what location, customer or class is to be added to budget. Preview will get updated, in order to show split
  8. Select Next
  9. In case the budget wasn’t prefilled by you then fill it now. Amount can also be edited by you any time
  10. In order to get the budget saved select Save and close or Save

Issues and Questions asked by the Users
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How to get the print of operating budget, which is created through system?
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