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SMB Accountants Privacy Policy

We at SMB Accountants, thank you for showing interest in our services and company. In SMB Accountants website’s your visit is highly appreciated by us. Protecting the personal data and the privacy of our clientele is a grave matter of importance.

We ensure security and high transparency level to our customers. Take a look at the declaration given by us about data protection that will make you aware more about the scope, nature, processing and use of information as well as the data that we record. Make sure that you read the Privacy Policy thoroughly before you proceed to submit any information. We will not share any information with the third parties until and unless we get your permission.

Usage Of Collected Information

For providing better services to our customers, we collect both the personal as well as the non-personal information about our clients after getting their consent. We aim at providing a smooth experience to our customers while they use our offerings thus we collect the information from our clientele. Personal information means all your specifics such as address, name, email address, telephone number and other related information that is required to provide you service and for locating you when you use our offerings. Certain information we gather automatically and store that information in our log files. We even log the IP address of our customers to get an idea that in which section of our website you visit frequently. The information collected automatically and other information is combined by us for improving the functionality of the site, marketing, and services.

Access To Data Control

We, that is QuickBooks ProAdvisor Support does not have any direct relationship with any individual whose personal records we process. If you want to delete, amend or correct any personal data then you must log into to your account and make the required changes or you are free to direct your queries to our data controller. We respond promptly to the request of our customers.

Retaining And Securing Data

We at SMB Accountants take necessary steps in protecting the misuse and loss of personal data of our clientele. We strictly prohibit the disclosure, destruction, and alteration of the personal data of our clientele. Technical formulas are employed for safeguarding the data. We retain the data for providing service and maintaining the normal business process. If you have any question regarding the retention and security of the data, feel free to ask us through our Contact Us page.

Web Tracking Technologies

Our websites make use of cookies which help us in providing the service requested by our customers and it also help us to understand how the customers make use of our websites. You are allowed to go through the entire narration on cookies and how we make use of them in the privacy statement. You can use the settings of your browser for deleting the existing cookies as well as block cookies.

Data Protection Program

SMB Accountants is a global company and regardless of the location we give full protection to the data of our customers. We take part in data protection and privacy related programs. We encourage all our customers to review the Privacy Policy periodically to see any changes in the Privacy Policy.

adams | October 17, 2016