Create Progress Invoicing in QuickBooks for Long Job

Progress Invoicing in QuickBooks Desktop: How to use it for long job?

At present point of time QuickBooks online does not have the feature progress invoicing but there are other two different more options that you can use for getting the similar results that you want.

So look below the different options:

  • You can simply use the balance forward statement so that you can easily show the original invoice, any payments that you have made and the last one is the remaining balance.
  • Some invoices can be created in advance for equaling the total amount of the job by using a recurring template.

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How to Create Progress Invoicing in QuickBooks for Long Job

You can easily create a progress invoice but before creating it you just have to be sure that the progress invoicing preference should be set and you should create an estimate for the job using items.

Now look the below steps that how you can create progress invoice:

Total Time: 10 minutes

Step One

Click on create invoices then choose job by clicking the customer job.

Step Two

After creating the invoices you can simply select the estimate that you want to create a progress invoice against.

Step Three

You just have to keep one thing I mind that your selection should be based on the type of contract that you have with your customers, not only this if you need more information then you can simply press the help button.

Step Four

On the windows if specify invoice amounts for the items on estimate appears then simply on ok after that you can also click on print for printing your invoices.

Step Five

At last once you are satisfied with your invoice that it is being absolutely correct just click on save then close it.

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