How to put a limit(budget) on Invoice in quickbooks?

Set budget for the job done for client

If you are facing issue if you are only billing for a particular amount to your clients and you are looking to Limit your invoice on QuickBooks we can help you with that.
Here is one of the real time Example of Customer issue with the Budget problem:
I have just started using Quickbooks, and I am looking for a particular functionality that is essential for our company. We consult for a variety of customers, and each has a specific “not to exceed” budget to pay us for a varying amount of services. For example, if we take a job from company ‘X’, they will only be able to pay us 5k, and we will not consult for more hours than that budget allows.
The functionality I need is to be able to assign a budget limit to each job, so that the total number of invoices (both paid and unpaid) cannot exceed the 5k budget limit, and I cannot create new invoices that exceed the budget. (Note that this limit is different for each job). I tried the credit limit, but it only tracks unpaid invoices. For example, if we sent one invoice for 3k, and another for 1k, and the 3k was paid, QB would allow me to make an invoice for 4k, but I need it to limit the invoice to 1k to not exceed the total project budget of 5k.
Is there a way to set up this kind of functionality in QB? I do not want to have to review a report for each job, but want a dialogue pop-up when I try to save an invoice that exceeds the budget. This is crucial to our business, so I would really appreciate any way to get this to happen, even if it takes extra time to set up.

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