Quickbooks Pro 2010 Windows 10, Do they sync well together?

Quickbooks Pro 2010 windows 10, can they work together

We recently received a query from one of our customers that he wasn’t able to work on windows 10. He also said that he was using Quickbooks version 2010.

Here is what he had to say:

“We are using QB pro version 2010. We had Windows 10 since September 2015. Everything was working fine till Friday night October 2016 when an update came.

The very next day, when I tried to open QuickBooks then found that it has stopped working. It forced me to close all the programs that were running on my desktop. I tried to run it through anti-virus and for 3 days I was able to work on it fine, but then when QuickBooks update came then again QuickBooks went dead.”

Can you please offer me the solution…?

The solution:

If your QuickBooks has stopped working suddenly then it can be because of web connectivity issues. The main problem that you are facing is because of the connectivity. Try running the program without an internet connection and it should work fine. But here is the warning sign. Your software might crash more frequently than before.

You faced the issue because Intuit does software checks online and there is quite a possibility that the server has told the software to stop because of compatibility issues. Thus answering your query “Quickbooks pro-2010 Windows 10” does not go well with each other.

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