Download QuickBooks 2014: (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Mac & Accountant)

QuickBooks 2014 version saved valuable time with a bunch of compelling features to manage complex financial records. It has been seen that the Pro and premiers versions come with a lot of options and shortcuts to transform complex accounting tasks into simpler ones.

Let’s walk through complete guidance to download QuickBooks 2014. You will get to know in-depth information on the version-specific features, benefits, system requirements, and all necessary concepts needed for a smooth run of QuickBooks Desktop 2014.

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How to Download QuickBooks 2014?

Many businesses run QuickBooks Pro 2014 for better accounting management. This version helped a lot until it was discontinued in 2017. The downloading steps are common for each edition of QuickBooks Desktop 2014. While downloading, you will get different options; you need to select the desired one. Below are jotted instructions you have to follow to download QuickBooks Pro Plus 2014:

  • Firstly locate the trustworthy website
  • Now go to the download and update page of that website


  • Follow the link
  • Go through the below-given instructions to begin the downloading process.
  • Once prompt the Downloads & Update window.
  • Choose the required country like CA or the US. 
  • After this, select the product name and version too like QuickBooks pro, premier, Accountant, MAC, or professional.
  • Once done proceeding step is to choose the year, i.e., 2014
  • It will redirect you to the downloading window; it is a source that lets you download the software according to the need. 
  • Now click on the download option.
  • It will continue the downloading process of the software. 
  • Wait till the process completes
  • Now go to the start button and write downloads, which referred to the default location
  • Press an enter key 
  • It will open the downloads page of your system.
  • Give a click on the downloads folder to go over the downloaded .exe file.
  • Click on it to run the executable file, perform the installation, and activate it to begin accessing the QuickBooks Desktop 2014.
download quickbooks 2014

Download Quickbooks Pro 2014

To download the QuickBooks pro-2014 Version Just click on below download button.

Pro Plus

Download QuickBooks Pro Plus 2014

QuickBooks Pro Version is preferable for a small business containing 1-3 users. So if you are going to start a new organization, then download QuickBooks Pro plus 2014.

However, there are mainly three options available when you decide to buy QuickBooks Desktop. The users can purchase a single pro license or an annual QuickBooks pro subscription, also known as QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus. You have to pay for the subscription every year in pro plus.


Download QuickBooks Premier 2014

Save your chunk of money with the QuickBooks premier version. It is generally ideal for the mid-sized business covering users up to 5 users. There are many surprises available in the QB premier edition suitable for ease of managing balance sheets and dividing the financial records According to the department. This version can be sold with a monthly subscription or through a maintenance plan called the premier plan. 

The QuickBooks premier version provides six industry-specific versions. These options of industry specification will let you decide the right choice matching your business needs. The available features you can get when you download QuickBooks Premier 2014 are setup and installation, easy daily operations, and more.


Download QuickBooks Mac 2014

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2014 is a locally-installable accounting solution that is specifically designed for the local Mac device. This application contains all the features of pro software with ease of usage and provides an extended UI of QuickBooks online. The core options available in QuickBooks for Mac are invoicing, bank reconciliation, estimates, accounts payable, and accrual accounting.

All Mac users can get started with QuickBooks Enterprise 2014 with right downloading steps. It is suitable for small businesses with up to 3 users. The QuickBooks Mac is not compatible with multiple companies. If you do not need integrations, then it is the best decision to download QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2014.


Download QuickBooks Enterprise 2014

You need to buy a subscription to get QuickBooks Enterprise 2014, unlike the pro and premium version. Download QuickBooks Enterprise 2014 if you need the combination of the improvements in the Pro and premier version. It includes streamlined work-related options like enhanced job costing features, automated purchase orders, ease of adding more classes, types of the vendor, types of customer, memorized transactions, and more. You can easily connect 40 active users covering retail business, nonprofits contractor, etc. also set permissions and roles according to the requirements and make the advanced reports and more…


Download QuickBooks Accountant 2014

To download the accountant 2014 version of quickbooks, You just need to click on mentioned below Download button. Just hit it.

System Requirements of QuickBooks 2014

Before downloading any software, the mandatory and important phase is system requirements. So you need to go through the minimum requirements documents to know the compatible software description to smoothly run the desired software.

So to get a clear picture of the system requirements of QuickBooks, It is recommended to follow the below pointers to understand the version-based minimum specifications for QuickBooks 2014.

system requirements of quickbooks 2014

System Requirements of QuickBooks Pro 2014

Minimum Operating system needed:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 with both 32/64 bits 
  • Microsoft Windows Vista including 32/64 bits SP1,
  • Microsoft Windows 8(with 32 as well as 64 bits)
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 

Extra requirements include stable internet connection, CD-ROM, Monitor resolution with 1024 x 768

Minimum processor speed should be 2HZ; RAM should be 1 GB or above, and 2.5 GB hard drive space

System Requirement of QuickBooks Pro Plus 2014

Follow the mentioned hereafter minimum software, hardware, and Server requirements:

Operating systems:

  • Windows XP*(SP2 only), natively installed complete editions of XP with 64-bit
  • Windows 7- Windows natively installed (64 bit)
  • Windows 8-all editions that are natively installed are compatible, including 64 bit
  • Windows Vista SP1 or advanced version with natively installed editions (64 bit)

Supportable server:

QuickBooks Pro Plus 2014 does not support Windows Home Server Edition 

List of compatible servers:

  • Small Business Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Small Business Server 2011 
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2003 (SP2), natively installed), including 64-bit, 2.0 GHz processor and Minimum 2 GB RAM 

System Requirement for Quickbooks Premier 2014

Compatible Database servers and Windows:

  • Natively installed Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista (SP1) with enabled UAC
  • Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 with Terminal server configuration, Windows small business server 2008, and Windows Server 2003 (SP2)

Minimum Hardware requirements:

  • Hardware Requirements; The minimum processor should be 2 GHz and suggested 2.4 GHz
  • Single users need 1 GB of RAM.
  • Multiple users are suggested with a minimum of 2 GB RAM for Windows (64 Bit)
  • If you need CD installation, then 4 x CD-ROM drives are needed. 
  • Supports default DPI settings, i.e., 96 dpi/100%
  • Required minimum 2.5 GB for the extra space for data files 
  • Extended software needs 250 MB for Microsoft .NET 4.0 Runtime, with QuickBooks CD.
  • Additionally, further requirements in QuickBooks connected services offering for Intuit Data protect feature. 
  • Needed minimum 2.0 GB RAM
  • Require double of the largest-sized file to backup and 100 MB or twice the size of the folder to restore 
  • The space needed from the working folder LocalApplicationData+” Intuit\Intuit Data Protect.”

System Requirements for Quickbooks Mac 2014

  • Minimum macOS 10.12(Sierra); compatible with macOS 10.13(High Sierra) and macOS (Mojave)
  • Supports Intel Processor, Core 2 Duo, or advanced
  • Multi-user server: Advanced or duo processor to execute server
  • Needed 2 GB RAM (recommended 4GB)
  • Available disk space should be 250 MB 
  • Stable internet connection to download installation or CD/DVD drive
  • Printer: 100% Macintosh-compatible printer; in case you are planning to print invoices, deposit slips, checks, purchase orders, reports, mailing labels, purchase orders, or deposits slips 
  • Checks: Canadian Image Ready checks are not compatible, or Intuit checks if you are planning to print checks.
  • Need product registration

System Requirements for Quickbooks Enterprise 2014

Compatible Windows:

  • Windows 7 and Windows 8, every natively installed edition with 64-bit. Windows Vista (SP1 or advanced) every natively installed edition (64bit)
  • Windows XP*(with SP3 only), all natively installed editions (64 bit)
  • Compatible servers: Windows Server 2003(SP2), Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2.

Server requirements:

  • Needed UAC enabled natively installed Windows, Windows Server 2008 R2. Windows Server 2008 with Terminal Server setup, Windows Small Business Server, and Windows Server 2003(SP2)
  • Unsupportable: Windows Home Server Edition

Minimum processor:

2GHZ, whereas recommended, is 2.4 GHz

  • 2 GB RAM required for multiple users, and for a single user, 1 GB RAM is preferable 
  • If you need to perform CD installation, then needed a 4x CD-ROM drive.
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution for an optimized display 
  • Supports Default setting 100 % or 96 dpi
  • Needed 2.5 GB disk space for datafiles
  • 250 MB for the other needed software like Microsoft .NET 4.0 Runtime came with CD of QuickBooks 
  • Up to 2 GB Ram
  • If you need to backup, then the required space should be double the most extensive file in it
  • 100 MB for file restore

System Requirements for Quickbooks Accountant 2014

  • Natively installed Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7(SP1), and Windows 8 Containing 64-bit (Enabled UAC)
  • Windows Server 2008 with Terminal server configuration, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Small business Server 2011, Windows Server 2012, Small Business Server 2008 with 64-bit natively installed 
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM
  • 250 MB extra space to store data files 
  • Compatible with only Default DPI settings 96 dpi
  • For CD installation, there require 4x CD-ROM drive
  • 250 MB needed for Microsoft .NET 4.0 Runtime

Features of Quickbooks 2014

QuickBooks Pro 2014 has become increasingly popular among other versions with its set of cost-saving benefits. As of today, the majority of organizations are currently running QuickBooks for better finance management. To choose the right version of the software, it is essential to take an overview of it in every factor. 

QuickBooks features refer to their technical or descriptive aspects. It basically tells about what functionalities you will get if you purchase that product. Let’s explore the characteristics available in the different versions of QuickBooks 2014.

Features of QuickBooks Pro 2014

Let’s delve into the below options available in QuickBooks Pro 2014: 

  • Bank feeds: These are traditionally called side-by-side online banking. Bank feeds are one of the considerable features. Online banking has improved a lot; now you can easily write Class and Customer Job in a single line of a bank debit transaction. Also, renaming rules are enhanced now the users can generate two types of rules in QuickBooks Pro 2014: Assign an account or renaming the vendor
  • Copy and Paste lines: Fast data entry for basic items. Also, ease copying and pasting the lines in the sales order, an estimate, or invoice.
  • Income Tracker: You will get a new visual dashboard that simplifies the view of transactions like invoices and estimates to organize and combine these transactions into an easier method beneficial for the user. Moreover, there is a quick method available to print entire outstanding invoices and collections center replacement.
  • Contextual Reports: You can access the basic reports easily and faster. When you are looking at the invoice, some links appear in it to view the sales detail through customer reports and view open invoice.
  • Default color: In QuickBooks pro-2014, the default color is deep dark blue. It, in turn, results in clear and ease of reading the text.
  • Search auto suggestions: More enhanced search options available, which let you get improved search suggestions and auto, fill the keywords you are searching for.
  • Customization option to view balance: This tab appears on the left sidebar. Through this, you can select the account you need to view and hide from there.
  • Enhanced email capabilities: Send email improvements available now in QuickBooks to monitor all the emails that are sent to the client. Multiple files attachment availability and also email a payment receipt. Meanwhile, you can know the confirmation of the sent email.
  • Email interface rework: Ease of accessing Gmail in QuickBooks pro-2014. Now email functionality is boosted, including formatting. The most powerful option is you can easily send the attachments to an invoice within QuickBooks.
  • Bill Payment stubs: The payment stubs contain credits that are used for bill payment.
  • Find option: A find feature with a filter has been integrated into the list named Add/Edit Multiple List. It helps in the ease of simplifying the complex workflow with long lists.
  • Job-status filter: This is one of the most useful features of QuickBooks. An improved job status filter is available to filter the reports according to the job status.
  • Bounced check: Simplify tracking the bounced payment of the customers accurately and also write the bank fee to an invoice.
  • Calendar: Use the calendar to appear all the financial details such as sending invoices and billing invoices.
  • Lend center option: The new Lend center option will help in tracking all the sales activities. It is more beneficial to follow up sales and to save time.

Features of Quickbooks Premier 2014

  • Advanced Bank Feeds: It is one of the most remarkable options available to fill the class and customer job in one line. Renaming rules are enhanced with the two types of rules i.e. assign an account & renaming the vendor.
  • Income Tracker: Here an improved visual dashboard available to choose the income transactions likes invoices and estimates for managing transactions in a better way. Moreover, the center of the collection is replaced now you can print the outstanding invoices quickly.
  • Contextual Reports: Quick access links available in the contextual reports to know the sales detail by the customer and view open invoice.
  • Improved appearance: The default color is deep dark blue to enhance the appearance of the screen; it lets you read text easily.
  • View Balance feature availability: Let you use the customize view balance option on the left corner of the screen. It helps to select the required account and also helps to set settings to hide the accounts.
  • Autosuggestion feature: Enhanced search functionality assists you to auto-fill the remaining words you entered. It helps in hassle less search and saves a lot of time.
  • Sent email enhancement: QuickBooks enterprise 2014 comes with email improvements; in this version, you can manage and track all the sent emails to your client in QuickBooks. Moreover, you can get an email receipt and allow you to get the payment.
  • Improved email interface: It is the best option available! You can get a chance to set the appealing formatting. Now you even send the attached documents with the invoice.
  • Find option & job status filter: You can find the specific item by entering a particular keyword with the find feature.
  • Boosted payroll center: The features like pay liability or printing tax forms in the payroll center which is simple to discover. New bounced check option to let you simply the tracking of all the bounced payment and also edit the invoice to add bank fee.

Features of QuickBooks Mac 2014

Features provide the capability of the software. They are often considered as valuable only if it is valuable for the users. The big improvements in QuickBooks Mac 2014! Below is the list of highlights:

  • Set-Up and Go: New folks can easily access the QuickBooks Mac 2014. You can find the setup and Go option through the Help option. Simply locate help and then click on the Setup and Go option. It will help you to fetch all the information from QuickBooks accurately and faster. Checklist usage is the fastest method to go from no company to access QuickBooks for better business management.
  • Income Tracker: Decrease the burdensome to view the money in QuickBooks. In Mac 2014, their available company snapshot; simply open it and scan all the colorful bars.
  • Transform the estimates into purchase orders: Reduce the stress of entering the accounts double time! In this, you can do a single click on the estimate button to make the purchase orders for the particular job. It helps in maintaining data consistency and time-saving parameters.
  • Reformation toolbar: The toolbar is redesigned for the apparent navigation via QuickBooks. It appears on the left corner of the screen. You can expand the toolbar button through the mouse to know the description of it. The advanced toolbar is available in QuickBooks 2014! Complete customizable simply drag and drop the icon for easy access. 
  • Effective new company snapshot: The new company snapshot is designed with a new appearance. You can even open the income tracker from the new snapshot.
  • Filter search report: It is the most frustrating process to find the particular keyword in the vast report. QuickBooks reports increases with time and data. Fortunately, the QuickBooks for MAC 2014 comes with a filter search report option in which one can reduce their time by simply adding the words into the search field. It will highlight the required outcomes in the report.
  • Better Assistance: The Guide me bubbles available in QuickBooks for MAC 2014 when required. You only need to locate and hit into a field and write Guide me. It will prompt with the description. Meanwhile, the ‘Guide me’ pop-up appears at the top corner of the screen. You can even enable or disable it according to your requirement.

Features of QuickBooks Enterprise 2014

  • Adequate pricing: It is one of the reliable features in QuickBooks for Mac. It let you smoothly perform the complex setup and also simplify the pricing structures according to the date range and volumes.
  • Inventory Max Stock Levels: There available reorder point features for best inventory planning. It helps in calculating order quantity and storage cost.
  • Margin $ or %: Along with the Markup option.
  • Inventory Center: The updates appear in the inventory center, display the margin, inventory max stock levels, and helps in ease of editing the information of inventory item from the Inventory center top pane.
  • Create Nested Assemblies: It is a powerful feature available in QuickBooks 2014 especially for the manufacturer business.
  • Custom fields and Sales Reps: Two new options named Custom fields and Sales Reps are available to use in Bills and check payment.
  • Enhanced Reports: Reports are more improved now you can view job work in progress details and committed cost analysis through the job. It is found in the enterprise contractor edition.

Features of QuickBooks Accountant 2014

  • Secure file transmission: You did not need to pay additional charges to transmit files.
  • Choose a plan according to your requirement: You are free to select the most appropriate monthly or yearly plan. Moreover, there is an optional auto-renewal.
  • Run-on MAC & PC: It is compatible with personal computers and MAC as well.
  • Client collaborator: Freedom to interact with your client without the need to close the QuickBooks.
  • Fast and accurate tracking: No worries to track the unpaid invoices! In the QuickBooks accountant 2014; available advance feature for the fast monitoring of the status of bounced checks and unpaid invoices.
  • Improve the accuracy: Select the wrong checks with incorrect details and easily create a new one with the right information.
  • Excel sheet access: You can enter all the finance-related information directly through the Excel sheet.
  • Single screen to generate multiple transactions: In this version, it is simpler to create multiple transactions with a display of different bank checks or credit card payments on a single screen
features of quickbooks 2014

Benefits of Quickbooks 2014

benefits of quickbooks 2014

Benefits of Quickbooks Pro 2014

  • Enhance your business productivity by Monitor the performance with a single click on tax, financial, and sales reports
  • Manage your finance from a single place and also save time on day-to-day accounting tasks
  • Ease of making invoices when required and expense management
  • It is user-friendly and easy to set up with the availability of a proper guidance

Benefits of Quickbooks Premier 2014

  • Premier version QuickBooks 2014 comes with numerous money management features like improved payroll center pay liability and more
  • It helps to keep track of the billings and expenses in an organized way including the View Balance feature.
  • It simplifies the reporting and let you make a series of financial reports like expense reports and also use the find option to find the required keyword
  • Quick Sales invoicing with enhanced email interface; you can send bills to your clients in batches or even view the detail of the sent emails of the client

Benefits of Quickbooks Enterprise 2014

  • QuickBooks Enterprise 2014 contains the advanced pricing option for the effortless setup of the difficult pricing structures. You can use the date range, volumes, and variable combination to know the breakdown of the pricing structure
  • You can discover the risk of inventory in a certain amount of time with the reorder point option. The inventory max stock levels are available. 
  • View the updates available in the inventory center and also helps in editing the inventory item description through the inventory center
  • There is a straightforward method to make nested assemblies 
  • In edit multiple items you can add the inventory assembly 
  • Integration of inventory Assembly to Add Multiple item option
  • Custom fields and Sales Reps are introduced for the checks and bills payment

Benefits of Quickbooks Accountant 2014

  • The time-saving option is available! Ease of filling the multiple transactions in one screen. You can even save more time by taking transactions directly from Excel.
  • Enhance the accuracy with the ease of mailing the journal entries directly to the client with a single click. It helps to discover and resolve the client data entry issues
  • You can use a template of the existing company file and save your valuable time while setting up new clients
  • Easy method available to collaborate with the client and get on the spot access to the complete edition of the QuickBooks in a single package
  • Benefits of QuickBooks Mac 2014:
  • Use the Guide me pop up available at the bottom corner of the screen. You can even enable or disable the popup if not comfortable with it.
  • You can select the information you need to view with the customizable columns in the center 
  • You can easily adjust the sale tax amounts prior to payment 
  • Ease of monitoring in-depth information about the sales representation 
  • There available a Straightforward method to print the bill stubs and general journal entries. 
  • It becomes a very time consuming and complex task to find a specific figure in a vast report. 
  • Save your time and efforts with the search option in the report.
  • The toolbar is improved which helps to locate the options faster and effortlessly. You can even drag and drop the desired one for frequent use
  • You can save your time with one click option on the estimate. Do a single click on the estimate and easily create the purchase orders.
  • New users can easily access QuickBooks for Mac 2014 for better finance management. There are videos available to set up and create invoices or receipts, generating reports, or bill payments.
  • It reduced the complexity of viewing the detail of the money. Their available Transaction center option appears at the top for ease of scanning.

QuickBooks Desktop 2014 Pricing

The following is a quick summary of QuickBooks Desktop 2014’s pricing.

  • QuickBooks Pro – For the Payroll plan, there is a charge of $350 per year and a charge of $50 per year
  • QuickBooks Premier – $550 per year and $50 for the Payroll.
  • QuickBooks Enterprise – Pricing starts at $1275 per year and can increase depending on the number of users and other features
  • QuickBooks Accountant – Price ranges from $549 to $1,049 based on features.
  • QuickBooks for MAC – An annual fee of $349.99 is available

How to Install Quickbooks 2014 on different versions of systems

How to install QuickBooks 2014 on different versions of systems (Pro, Premier, Pro Plus 2014, QuickBooks Enterprise 2014)?

Things need to consider before the beginning of the QuickBooks installation process

QuickBooks 2014 is a robust software for accounting management. Its installations involve several variables. So if you decided to proceed with the complete QuickBooks installation process then you are on the right platform. This post lets you walk through the true path to start the installation of the QuickBooks 2014 version.

Before implementing the steps you need to perform some prerequisites so that your software installation goes smoothly:

  • Get the knowledge of some essential terms like permissions; file sharing, and basic networking 
  • It is more recommended that you can take the assistance of a financial professional or network administrator knowing networking & file sharing
  • Take the backup of your present accounting software company files 
  • Turn off the Antivirus software before the installation process begin
  • Select the preferred network settings options from the below:
    • Central Server option
    • Peer to peer option
    • Remote Desktop service option
  • Verify the network bandwidth if you are using a multi-user environment it should be a minimum of 40 Mbps
  • Check the antivirus and firewall settings 
  • Verify the aforementioned minimum system requirements of the version you are trying to install

How to install QuickBooks 2014 Pro/Premier/Enterprise?

We have tried to breeze out the complexity of the installation process of QuickBooks 2014. You need to follow the below instructions accurately and in series.

Here are the steps:

  • First of all log into the operating system with the administrator rights
  • It is necessary to have the administrative credentials if you are using Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, and Windows Server to start the installation. In case of the occurrence of any trouble while installing then it is suggested to check whether you have disabled the firewall application in your system. Meanwhile, close all the on-going active programs like Antivirus
  • The next step is to locate the downloaded QuickBooks; once you reach the location, double click on the downloaded file. Sometimes there may be a scenario that you have an installation CD, then place the disk in the CD drive 
  • Once you did either method, it will appear a welcome InstallShield Wizard on the screen 
  • Hit on the Next button 
  • On-clicking the option it will redirect you to an installation dialog box  
  • Now you have to extract the needed files 
  • It might take a few minutes, the progress bar will help you to fetch the waiting time
  • For the installation CD; you will not get any dialog box; locate the Windows Explorer and then do double click on the Setup.exe file 
  • You have to proceed with the instructions that appear on the screen 
  • If you see a second welcome page in the installation dialog box then hit on the Next option
  • It will display the license Agreement Window
  • Once you read the agreement thoroughly you have to place a mark on the checkbox which says I accept the terms of the license agreement 
  • Hit on Next button
  • Select the type of installation on the screen 
  • Choose either custom and network options or Express (recommended)
  • Now hit on the Next button 
  • The express options set up the software for the single-user access and then install the software in the link C:\Program File\Intuit\QuickBooks 2014
  • Once you select the button the installation redirects to a screen asking you for the product numbers and license numbers. You can even modify the preferences to permit multiple users once the QuickBooks start running
  • The custom and network button settings allow you to select the location from where you start the installation of the QuickBooks on the system
  • Begin the installation of the application. Also, share company files or set up the system only to share the company file. 
  • If you have chosen the settings of custom and network options then click on the settings to display the window where you modify the settings 
  • After this hit on the next option
  • If you are a single user using QuickBooks then choose I’ll be using QuickBooks on this computer option
  • When you select this option it let you install the software on your system and set up single-user access to the company file 
  • If the scenario occurs when you need to run the QuickBooks and also require storing company file on the system for sharing then it is recommended to click on the I’ll be using QuickBooks on this system and I’ll be storing our company file here to share it across the network
  • The other option that appears is I will not be using QuickBooks on this computer. This button you have to select when you are installing the software on the system which acts as a file server. In simpler words, we can set a system that stores the company files but in actual terms, it is not running QuickBooks. There is no need to use the license when a person installs the software with this button. 
  • Now locate the screen which says Enter your license and product numbers
  • Write the product number and license number into the box
  • After this hit on the Next option
  • The Custom and Network options if have chosen then the screen which says choose installation location will display on the screen 
  • In case you need to change the location then select a new location
  • After this hit on the Next button, the default location is C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks 2014. To select another location then hit on the Browse option and then click on the OK button
  • It will appear the Ready to install Window, locate the install button and then click on it
  • The ready to install window contains the version of the program, its license numbers, product numbers, location of the folders, and more. If you need to perform any modifications in the folder that you want to install then hit on the Back button till you receive the suitable page and start applying the changes 
  • After this hit on the Next button until you are redirected at the Ready to install Window
  • When you hit on the Click Install option, your system will make busy sounds
  • The wizard will appear with progressing bar to show the installation process it is performing 
  • The installation Wizard display a User ID Textbox that let you sign into the software 
  • In case you do not have an Intuit account and also don’t need to sign in then you can hit on the Skip this button at the dialog box that appears at the right corner of the screen
  • Write your credentials and then click on the Login button 
  • Once done it will appear congratulations screen 
  • After this click on Open QuickBooks

Issues while installing QuickBooks 2014

  • Error messages related to the damaged Microsoft .Net Framework.
  • Problem in launching QuickBooks desktop
  • Issue related to C++ and MSXML.
  • Data files updation Fail.
  • Quickbooks is not able to locate the data file on the server.

How to Fix the issues in while installing Quickbooks 2014

You can use the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool for solving these problems.

  • Firstly download the e QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool from the official site of intuit and install it.
  • Then make sure the previous version of QuickBooks is not open or any program related to QuickBooks is not open When prompted, save the file to the local Desktop.
  • Then run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool, it might take some time to complete once it is done.
  • By following these steps all your minor problems related to QuickBooks will be solved.
  • After that restart your computer and launch QuickBooks 2014.
installation of QuickBooks 2014

What Are The Major Error Codes of QuickBooks 2014?

Major Error Codes of QuickBooks 2014

Here is the list of error codes with descriptions that might arise when you operate QuickBooks Desktop 2014:

QuickBooks error code 6000QuickBooks Error Code 6190
QuickBooks Error Code 1335QuickBooks Error Code 6000 77
QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4aQuickBooks Error Code 610
QuickBooks Error Code 5030QuickBooks Error Code 2020
QuickBooks Error Code 6000-80QuickBooks Error Code 6470
QuickBooks Error Code H202QuickBooks Error Code H303
QuickBooks Error Code H505QuickBooks Error Code 6073-816
QuickBooks Error Code 3371QuickBooks Error Code 6123
QuickBooks Error Code 6144QuickBooks Error Code 6130, 0
QuickBooks Error Code 6150 -1006

Pros & Cons of QuickBooks 2014

It might be time-consuming to select the notes option to see the description. It can be improvedThere are numerous performance booster features available in QuickBooks 2014 to simplify account management. It includes Sales orders, inventory orders, improved inventory centers, inventory assembly, and more.
Add-ons issues: The downside of QuickBooks 2014 is that if you use add-ons such as QB Desktop payroll, this option will no longer be updated
Customer support challenges: The QuickBooks 2014 has been discontinued. It would be difficult to add-on services and you will no longer get the product updates and help desk support for Intuit. Fortunately, there are third party service providers where you can reach out to the trustworthy one and sort out all the issues you are facing while running QuickBooks 2014.

Quickbooks 2014 Missing/Guide Manual

Hey folks, There is an awesome tutorial PDF by O”Really” about quickbooks 2014 missing manual. It is one of the great resource to learn how quickbooks’s functions work. If you interested to see this guide, You can download/ see online this tutorial by clicking on button below.

A comprehensive webinar guide for users of quickbooks 2014, It might be useful for people, who are relatively new to quickbooks 2014.

Other Quickbooks Versions You Can Download

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  1. What do you mean by industry-specific reports in the feature of QuickBooks 2014?

    It includes reports according to the departments like a contractor, wholesale, Retail, Professional Services, Manufacturing, and Non-Profit

  2. What Features are not Accessible in QuickBooks desktop 2014 after May 31?

    💠 Live technical support
    💠 Multi-currency updates
    💠 Online bank feeds
    💠 Multi-currency updates
    💠 Accountant file transfer

  3. What new features can you get in QuickBooks Desktop 2014?

    💠 Setting up bank feeds
    💠 The bank feed center
    💠 Income tracker
    💠 Ease of managing bounced checks
    💠 Report option available in the transaction page 
    💠 Simplified email interface

  4. Can I upgrade QuickBooks Desktop 2014?

    Yes, you can upgrade QuickBooks Desktop 2014 to the latest software whenever required according to your business needs.

  5. What are the recommended system requirements for 2014?

    💠 Minimum 2.0 GHz whereas recommended processor 2.0
    💠 Single user minimum 1 GB RAM required
    💠 Multi-users need 2GB
    💠 Data files required additional 60MB disk space
    💠 Default DPI settings, need 1024×768 screen resolution

  6. How can I enable class tracking in QuickBooks 2014?

    💠 First of all locate Edit option
    💠 Hit on Preferences button and then accounting option
    💠 After this click on Company preferences
    💠 With administrator credentials discover the checkbox which says Use Class Tracking for transactions 
    💠 Turn on it and then locate Preferences window 
    💠 Hit on OK button

  7. What is the procedure to set up classes in QuickBooks 2014?

    💠 Firstly go to the main menu
    💠 Select Lists and then click on Class List
    💠 Now press Ctrl + N altogether
    💠 Hit on Class option
    💠 Click on New button 
    💠 It will open Class name box, write a name associated with class
    💠 Hit on Next to make another class 
    💠 Once done and then hit on OK 
    💠 It will close the Window

  8. What are the methods available to apply price levels in QuickBooks 2014?

    💠 Apply a price level to a customer record
    💠 Apply a price level to line items in an invoice

  9. What is the role of customer type list?

    It lets you analyze the expenses and income through the customer category. To use this list you need to make customer types in the customer type list.

  10. How to search list entries in the transaction when using QuickBooks 2014?

    💠 Firstly open the list with entry you need to find
    💠 Locate list window and then give a right click on the particular entry
    💠 After this select the find option appears on the shortcut menu 
    💠 Hit on Find
    💠 If you need to modify the list enters used by a transaction you have to choose a transaction in the table
    💠 Once done then hit on Go TO

  11. How can I download QuickBooks 2014 and is it still available?

    Yes, it is still available and you can download it from the link given above. The downloading steps are also mentioned in this article Here

  12. Can I download QuickBooks 2014 in any version?

    Yes, you can download QuickBooks 2014 in all the versions like Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Mac, and Accountant. To download the versions information is mentioned here. Also get the assistance in case of any query or issues.



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