QuickBooks Locked Out Login Issue

This can turn out to be night mare when you are trying to Login and you can’t get through and as far as you can remember you are putting the right credentials.
If this situation remains as it is you can take help of our technicians those who can help with your login and use your QuickBooks as usual.
Here is what happened with one of customer when he was not able to Login to QuickBooks?
“I am unable to open QuickBooks. It keeps telling me I have the incorrect password AND the incorrect security question answer. After several attempts, it locked me out and the message said to reset I would have to have my license #, etc. I do have that, and after entering that, it said the information is incorrect!!?”
Another customer who faced similar kind of situation with Login:
I have received at least 4 tokens from the password reset tool download and each time I submit them I am told the token is invalid or expired. I am copying this as soon as it arrives in the email so I require help to rest the administrator’s password.
We at smbaccountants.com has helped many customer with Login issues and when their accounting software has locked itself.

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