How to Add a Bank account in QuickBooks 2016 & 2017?

QuickBooks designed to ease the business accounting operations, at times is prone to a lot of errors and issues. One of the common issues that QuickBooks user face is

“QuickBooks is unable to add bank account.”

When this error message is displayed means Error code 102 has occurred.

Error code 102 means that the website of your bank is facing certain technical difficulties, undergoing maintenance or there is a server issue with the data transfer between the bank website or the reporting agency and QuickBooks Online.

To Add a Bank account in QuickBooks 2016 & 2017, You need to follow mentioned below steps:

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Step One

    See to it that you are able to log in to your bank’s site via the link mentioned for online banking service. If your menu option is Banking -> Downloaded Transactions.

  2. Step Two

    Once you log in successfully, seek for the indicating message that something isn’t working as it is supposed to. Make sure you can view your account summary account history, and account transactions hassle free.

  3. Step Three

    If you fail to view the indications of a problem or maintenance on your bank or credit card’s website, you can try to update your account manually within QuickBooks Online. Follow the instructions under Manual Updates to do this. If your menu option is Banking -> Downloaded Transactions.

  4. Step Four

    See for a day before you attempt once again to allow the bank time to solve any problems with their servers.

  5. Step Five

    You can face the error if your account at the bank or credit card is new. Some new accounts don’t work with online banking right away. You need to contact the bank or credit card company.

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