QuickBooks 2018 Desktop

QuickBooks 2018 Desktop

QuickBooks desktop still holds many advantages in comparison to QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Desktop carries yearly subscription whereas QuickBooks Online is available with monthly subscription. QuickBooks Desktop enables you to work offline even without network, whereas, you will be restricted to work offline in QuickBooks Online. Cloud hosting feature also help you to save your data and information and can get access from anywhere and anytime. QuickBooks Desktop endorses various services and features that need to be authentically transferred and skillfully handled by you.

Security Update for QuickBooks Desktop

Your computer may be carrying two different settings in a point of time. The user may set some default or customized settings. These default or customized settings may clash and obstruct the functioning of the software.

QuickBooks 2018

Difference Between Upgrade and Update.

  • Upgrade is always equipped with various new tools and features which were lacking in the previous versions.
  • Update comes to fill the loop holes or rectify and fill the loop holes that were left when upgrade is introduced.

Any Upgrade/Update is available to get downloaded/installed in the computer in two ways.

  • Automatic Update
  • Manual Update

You may receive many Download or Installation Error such as Quickbooks updates 2018 error or Quickbooks error 1324.

How frequently do you need to upgrade/update in QuickBooks Desktop?

If any upgrade/update available, it is always recommended that install that upgrade/update. Sometimes, you don’t need to inculcate any new feature/tool or information, then you can skip the upgrade. If it is about updates, we suggest you update the software as this will improve features and fills the gaps of software.

What possible reasons that can cause errors while updating/upgrading?

  • Unsupported or Unstable Internet Connection
  • Firewall, any external active antivirus or Internet security working in your system may restrict updating/upgrading process.
  • QuickBooks working on multiple workstation may cause navigation error.
  • Connectivity issue/external issue due to network connectivity.
  • Incorrect date and time may cause error.

Correct Date and Time

  • Open Task Bar (on the bottom of monitor) –> Date and Time –> Adjust Date/Time.
  • Change Date and Time –> follow Today’s Date and Time
  • Check Date and Time –> correct it and select OK.
  • Now, close QuickBooks software, restart your computer and then reopen it.
  • Now, update/upgrade your QuickBooks.

How can you get in touch with Us?

To get in touch with us, you can contact us through various modes of connectivity. Our Website is available to you always with all the information on QuickBooks and its version, how error occurs and resolutions. You can get everything from there. You can also contact us through Live Chat Support from our Website. To seek our assistance via phone, you can contact us via our Toll-Free Number Chat now.

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