QuickBooks accountant's copy password for Accountant

QuickBooks accountant’s copy password required while opening the file

If you may see this prompt when you have sent the accountants copy and this is done for your security this created by your client when you are trying to work on the file. If you are have already converted the accountants copy and still you are getting this password error this may mean that your file is corrupted.
Here are few steps which you can take to resolve QuickBooks file transfer password:

  1. Confirm with Client: When client creates the accountant copy they secure it with a password you should check with client with the password they assigned while making the transfer.
  2. Remove accountants copy Restriction: If the above doesn’t work then you have to ask the client to remove accountants copy restriction.
  3. Latest Release: You may have update your QuickBooks to the latest version QuickBooks 2017 should not have these issues

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