QuickBooks is backward compatible accounting software which can easily access or convert the older version files. Moreover, you easily upgrade the older version to new versions for using the improved features.

QuickBooks backward is compatible as it can easily convert and open the files that has been made from the earlier version. The version of QuickBooks have been installed on your system that doesn’t know the future release including the revised data structures.

But you have to keep one thing in mind that most of the new release of QuickBooks that come up with the internal changes to the database so this is the main reason that why the size of the QuickBooks file changes when you usually upgrade the newer version.

Is QuickBooks backwards compatible or not? So the answer is yes it may happen if you are opening a new file by using the QuickBooks old version. QuickBooks is conveniently backwards compatible, where it can convert and open the files created through the previous versions, but it’s not at all forwards compatible.

Let’s understand what Edition and Version stands for in the language of QuickBooks:

So when it comes to define the version then it is something that is designated through a year within that product.

Download Quickbooks 2014

For example: version of QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2015 is completely different to what the version of QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2016 stands for.

Edition differentiate within QBES or QuickBooks Desktop Premier for the business of different types:

  • Accountant
  • General business
  • Non profit
  • Wholesale and Manufacturing
  • Professional services
  • Contractor

Upgrading to new versions

Upgrading QuickBooks company file to the new and latest QuickBooks Desktop version is not difficult, but keep below mentioned points in mind:

  • When company file is opened in the latest version then QuickBooks will confirm whether you want to convert or upgrade your QuickBooks company file. Once you update the current version then your older version of QuickBooks company file will be converted and updated by the new version for example 2015 will be upgraded to 2016.
  • Upgradation of older version of data files of QuickBooks, could be done to newer QuickBooks version but the data files can’t be reverted to work in any of the QuickBooks Desktop’s older versions

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  1. What do you mean by backward compatible?

    Backward compatible accounting software refers to the software system that can easily use or access the older version of the system’s data.

  2. QuickBooks backward compatible?

    Yes, QuickBooks is backward compatible software. It allows you to open the previous version files and also convert the file.

  3. What is downgrading a QuickBooks plan?

    You can change the upgraded version to the less expensive version back. When you are downgrading the plan, you will lose some former version features. You may forfeit features like inventory tracking, multi-currency, applied discounts in the subscription, recurring transactions, etc.

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