One of the common issues that users face is the user not being able to create PDF or send forms. This issue mostly occurs when you update your windows and some other Microsoft XPS report widget is appending in the framework or there is an incorrect setting of the email. The form is not sent because your QuickBooks Software is not able to create the required PDF files.


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QuickBooks Save as PDF not working is a typical issue revealed by clients and many users. At the point when you update to Windows 10 and prompt QuickBooks to create PDFs for you that is the point at which it shows up. The issue shows error messages, for example, “QuickBooks couldn’t save your structure as a PDF file”. The other one being, “Your structures were not sent because QuickBooks couldn’t make the important PDF files”. QuickBooks provides the QB Print and PDF Repair Tool to determine normal printing errors, which at times neglects to determine this issue. In the blog, we give you the strategy to determine Quickbooks Save as PDF not Working error. The methods referenced further in the article are useful when QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tools didn’t resolve the error. 

Why Upgrading to Windows 10 Leads to Quickbooks PDF Generation Error? 

The capacity that worked fine before, is presently setting off QuickBooks PDF Generation Error after upgrading. At the point when a client installs or moves up to Window 10, another Microsoft XPS record essayist gadget gets added to the framework design. It connects to the default port “PORTPROMPT”. This causes clashes and at last, QuickBooks save as PDF not working error emerges. Allow us to see specialized group proposed steps for settling the error QuickBooks report to PDF not working error without utilizing QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool. 

The Tried and Tested Way to Avoid Exporting Quickbooks Data to PDF Error 

  • In the first step, click on the Windows Start button. 
  • Then, you have to Type “Print Management” in the Search Programs and Files search box. 
  • Press Enter and click the Print management program that shows up at the top. 
  • After this, the Print Management window opens up. On the left half of the window grow Print Server. 
  • Hit the next click on the name of your PC and select Printers. 
  • Erase the Microsoft XPS Document Writer by right-clicking on it. The essayist may have caused 

What is Error: QuickBooks couldn’t save your form as a PDF file? 

Your structures were not sent because QuickBooks couldn’t make the fundamental PDF file error demonstrates that the error with PDF file mailing and printing. This error is frequently seen when you attempt to make, email or print a report. Likewise, it tends to be seen when you invigorate Windows 10 and afterward move to the PDF files. This is regularly seen when you explore Windows 10, and afterward, the Microsoft XPS report writer device is added to the form plan, and this joins itself default port named PORTPROMPT that can struggle during higher printing interest. 

Reasons for the “QuickBooks can’t make PDF” issue 

QuickBooks Unable to Create PDF, At least one of the reasons given beneath can make QuickBooks unfit to make PDF : 

  • A PDF file part is absent 
  • PDF converter installation errors, for example, Error 1722 or 1801 
  • Errors identified with QuickBooks PDF converter enactment 
  • PDF Converter has become disconnected 
  • QuickBooks can’t save the structure as PDF 
  • Print driver host has quit working 
  • The gadget isn’t prepared error 
  • Availability problem with a printer 
  • An unrecoverable error has happened 
  • Accommodating accounts freezes QuickBooks 
  • QuickBooks has gotten lethargic

Reasons QuickBooks is not able to Create PDF

  • There is no PDF file component due to the improper installation of PDF converter.
  • Freezing of QuickBooks during the reconciliation of accounts.
  • The print driver host is not operating for the 32-bit application.
  • Error -41, -30, in PDF converter activation.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Cannot Send Forms or Create Pdfs?

There are various methods that can be used for resolving this issue some of them are mentioned below:

1. Method One: You have to use the QuickBooks PDF and the Print repair tool.

  • First of all, download the QuickBooks repair tool software and run it.
  • Once the tool is successfully installed you need to start with the files with .pdf extension that were creating issues.
  • After that, attempt to reboot the system and check if the error still persists. If it does, then you need to reset the permissions for the temp folder. To check for the folder permission, follow the steps given below:
    • Firstly, you need to open your run dialog box by simply pressing the window plus R key.
    • Enter %TEMP% command on the run box and press the enter key.
    • Next select the properties option by right clicking anywhere inside the temp folder.
    • After that tap on the security tab and make sure that the full control is granted to the groups and users that are displayed in the security tab.
    • At last you should again try to save the pdf with QuickBooks once you have followed all the steps provided.
    • For all the issues that are related to email or save as PDF, you should check whether you are able to print to the XPS document writer or not as QuickBooks utilizes the XPS document writer for saving as pdf.
  • Firstly, you need to switch to your Notepad and type in anything you want.
  • Then navigate to the file menu and select the Print option.
  • Next select XPS Document Writer and tap on the print button.
  • After that you need to select the desktop option from save as dialog box window.
  • Now go to the desktop and check whether you are able to see the XPS document that was printed by you from the notepad.

2. Method Two: Preparing new template for the form

  • Open your QuickBooks software.
  • Then you need to prepare a new template for the form you are using.
  • After that do the alterations according to the transaction and at last generate your .pdf.

3. Method Three: Reinstalling XPS Document Writer for Windows 7

  • Firstly, go to the start menu and select the printer and devices option.
  • Then locate the Microsoft XPS Document Writer and by right clicking on it choose the remove device option.
  • Next tap on the yes button to make the confirmation.
  • Now go to the toolbar and tap on the add a printer option.
  • Then choose the add local printer option.
  • After that select the XPS port and tap on the Next button.
  • Navigate to the Manufacture list and select the Microsoft group, from there click on the Microsoft XPS Document Writer.
  • Further choose the replace current driver option and tap on the next button.

4. Method Four: You can also do the installation or repair of MSXML 6.0.

To Perform This Action, Please follow This Post….

Issues Faced by the Users

  • The user is not able to email from QuickBooks.
  • The user is not able to attach and send the invoices if they attach the pdf invoice.
  • QuickBooks is not able to save the form as pdf file.

Need Professional Help?

If the above steps are not able to resolve your issues, then you can contact our SMB QuickBooks Technical Support team. Our SMB QuickBooks tech support team is accessible 24*7. Call our QuickBooks Helpline for quick and swift responses.


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