If you are facing difficulties while accessing the company file of yours then it might cause the error given below, while you try to use or open the QuickBooks Desktop.

Connection of company file is lost

Close the QuickBooks immediately. Data that is unsaved has to be entered again.”

Tips that can help you to resolve the error

  • Restarting the Database Server Manager
  • Set the option of power saving
  • Moving files to another/different folder

If standalone computer is used by you

Folder where you have saved the file may require some additional permission

Solutions of QuickBooks Connection Has Been Lost Error

In order to resolve this issue, Be advised to get the QuickBooks restarted

If the first method won’t work than consider to give a Try to Restarting your system

Using QuickBooks File Doctor in order to resolve the issue

  • First of all, get the QuickBooks File Doctor downloaded and installed
  • Then click twice on the icon of the tool, present on the desktop, in order to launch it
  • Check the results
    • If, No problem detected in your Company File appears, then it means that company file doesn’t have any issue and it is OK. In case the error still appears then get the data of your company file verified and if required rebuild it.
    • If data damage is detected by tool, then:
    • Try repairing file. You will be able to know from toll whether it has fixed your file or not
    • Then make sure that you restore company file that is been backed up recently
    • You can also try QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery in order to get back the lost data

If the connection of your computer is done through network and the data file is been stored in another computer

  • There are chances that your network connection is unstable
  • Folder where you have saved the file may require additional permission
  • Access to the network is prevented by the firewall
  • Power saving mode is on

Fixing The Missing or Damaged ND File

On the system where the QuickBooks company file is hosted:

  • Go to Windows Start button and right-click on it and then select Explore
  • Browse the folder where the company file is saved
  • Now go the file which has the name, same as the company file with the .nd extension right-click on it and then tap on Rename
  • Get the extension of the file name change to .ndold and after that press Enter
  • Then get the company file opened by opening the QuickBooks. New network data file will be created by QuickBooks for company file.

Stop QuickBooks Database Service & Then Restart It

The computer where the QuickBooks company file is hosted:

  1. Go to Windows Taskbar and then right click on the blank space and then select the Task Manager
  2. Click on the tab of Processes
  3. Click on the column heading of Image Name so that entries are sorted out alphabetically
  4. Then right click on the qbdbmgrn.exe after that choose End Process
  5. After that close the Task Manager
  • Microsoft Windows Vista:
  • Click on the logo of Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Then right-click on the Computer after that select Manage
  • Windows XP:
  • Click on the icon of My Computer and then select Manage
  • Go to Computer Management window and click on the symbol of + (Plus) adjacent to the Services and Applications and then get the section expanded
  • Select the Services
  • Now in the window of Service click on the column heading of Name in order to get the entries sorted out alphabetically
  • Then right click on the service of QuickBooksDB17 and choose Start
  • Then get the window of Computer Management closed.
Need Professional Help?

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  1. Do I need to check the network to fix the QuickBooks connection that has lost an error?

    Yes, you have to check the network so that you can provide the permissions to access Windows. In case it is not permitted for your QuickBooks software then this error QuickBooks connection has been lost.

    The steps are:

    1. Firstly, open and then save another file on the server. This makes sure that you have the access that is required
    —– (a.) Now, create and delete the Wordpad or MS Excel file on your computer
    2. After this, you are unable to create or delete a file that is a non-QuickBooks file
    3. Then set the permissions to access Windows that are required for QuickBooks.

  2. What are the steps to fix the QuickBooks connection that have been lost by configuring the settings of hosting?

    The steps to configure the hosting settings are as follows:-

    1. In your QuickBooks software
    2. Click on the File menu option
    3. Select the Utilities from further options

    A. In Utilities, if you see the option Host Multi-User Access option then you have to select it. This helps you to enable the hosting on your system and then continue
    B. In Utilities, if you see the option Stop Hosting Multi-User Access then don’t do anything. It means the hosting is already enabled so you can proceed further

  3. What if the QuickBooks connection has been lost, error happens because the company file is stored on a portable drive? How to check it?

    The case of using a company file through a portable drive is not recommended. You should use and save your file on a local drive.

    To check portable drive the steps are:-

    A. Verify that the portable drive is connected to your computer then try to do these things:-
    1. To disconnecting and reconnecting to the drive you are using
    2. To save the other files for making sure that it is working
    3. To locate the company data file on the portable drive via My Computer or This PC

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