What is QuickBooks Direct Connect & How to Use It?

It directly links your computer with the financial institution, but you should keep one thing in mind that QuickBooks online banking gives you an opportunity that you can keeps your online accounts running smoothly and in a better way.

Direct connect users has some important points on which they work on and that are:

  • They don’t have any issue related with money and they are ready to give small amount to the financial institutions that supports the direct connect.
  • They have the constant internet connection.
  • It particularly works with the financial institution that supports the direct connection.
  • They prefer that QuickBooks usually do most of the work in a best way.

As you have read above QuickBooks direct connect is very much useful in so many ways but one of the most important thing about QuickBooks direct connect that it saves a lot of your time.

If you are downloading anything, you want to pay bills, you are reading any information or you are transferring anything, it means with the help of QuickBooks direct connect you can do anything without wasting your time.

QuickBooks direct connect is a connection method that enables you to direct the information to your financial institution and allows you to download the data directly from it. But as of now this facility is available only for US.

For this you need to set up the direct connect once and then you can use it whenever required. To use this facility the user will be provided with the Password from the bank. Once you setup the direct connect you can manage all your account information and can securely download and view the bank feeds and statements in QuickBooks.

For those who want to use the QuickBooks direct connect they can upgrade their account from web connect to direct connect in QuickBooks.

Note: Always remember most of the financial institutions does not support the direct connect for the MAC.If you want to use the direct connect facility you should get your account activated from the financial institute to work with Quickbooks online services.

How to Set Up Direct Connect Feature in Quickbooks?

Remember this is a onetime process you have to set the direct connect once and use it whenever you wish.

To set the direct connect follow the steps provided below:

Total Time: 6 minutes

  1. Step One

    Firstly you need to go to the banking menu and select the Banking setup option.

  2. Step Two

    Then select the name of the financial institution from the drop down list here you will know which FI provide the Direct connect facility DC will be written after the name of FI.

  3. Step Three

    After that click on the next button.

  4. Step Four

    Next click on the yes button for activating your account to use the QuickBooks Online services facility and then click on the next button .If your account is already activated you need to click on the Next button without selecting any of the given two options.

  5. Step Five

    Now enter the details in the fields provided and click on the save button.

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