Download QuickBooks 2017: (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Mac & Accountant)

Intuit is always set to bring out new innovative features that grow and boost efficiency of accounting-based small and mid-sized businesses.  As always, Intuit new releases contain a number of new features and enhancements to QuickBooks’ already feature rich or existing software. Likewise, QuickBooks Desktop 2017 is one such version which was released in the year 2017 that boasts a number of user-friendly enhancements but as always, retains the simple-to-use features that are familiar with the QuickBooks product.

Moreover, this version offers newer, faster, and more feature-rich software across the full range of QuickBooks packages, from QuickBooks Pro to QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Accountant, meaning that all small, medium, and developing enterprises can benefit from one of these packages. Stay tuned with this article for download QuickBooks Pro 2017: a deep dive to know each and everything about this QB version.

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How to Download QuickBooks 2017 Version, Install & Activate

Process of Downloading Quickbooks Desktop 2017 All Versions

You can download it from the Internet:

  • First, visit the Intuit official website and then go to the “Downloads & Updates” page 
  • Next, click the change link to open the drop-down in order to choose QuickBooks Product 
  • After that, select the correct version or year 
  • Now, click on the “Search” and then “Download” button  
  • After the download is completed then save the downloaded file on your desktop

You can also use the downloaded link for different Editions of QuickBooks Desktop 2017 and the links are provided below:

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2017: 


QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2017:


QuickBooks Desktop Accountant 2017:


QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2017:


Once you have downloaded the 2017 version or you have the downloaded link then you are supposed to move to the installation process.

Steps to be followed to install the QuickBooks Desktop 2017 version

After the download process is complete, you’ll need to install the QuickBooks Desktop properly. To perform this, carry out the below steps:

Step 1: Prepare for the Installation 

  • First, make sure that your system should meets all the system requirements 
  • Next, download the QuickBooks Desktop 2017 version, if you haven’t already 
  • After that, save the downloaded file somewhere you can easily find it such as Windows desktop 
  • Have handy with your product and license number. 

Step 2: Install the QuickBooks Desktop 2017

  1. Open the downloaded file QuickBooks.exe 
  2. Perform instructions that appears on your screen as well as accept the software license agreement and then hit “Next” 
  3. Enter the product and license numbers then hit “Next”.

Decide which install type is right for you

You have two options when you install QuickBooks. You can do the Express Install or Custom and network. 

Express Install 

This type of installation is recommended if you’re:

  • A first-time user 
  • Reinstalling QuickBooks 
  • Going to use QuickBooks on one computer (not as part of a network of computers)
  1. Select the Express >>> Next
  2. Select the Install button 
  3. Once it completes and then selects the “Open QuickBooks”.

Custom and Network Install

This custom installation type is recommended, if you’re:

  • Installing QuickBooks somewhere other than the default location such as on a server 
  • Hosting the company files on a server 
  • Setting up a multi-user network. 

Here’s is the installation process, if you select Custom and Network Install:

  1. Initially, select the Custom and Network >>> Next button 
  2. Choose the option that you describes how you’ll use QuickBooks 
  3. Next, choose the “change the install location” option 
  4. After that, select the Browse to decide where you keep you QuickBooks folder 
  5. Most people put it in their Programs folder 
  6. Select the “Next” button to begin the install 
  7. After the installation is completed, select the “Open QuickBooks” button.

Process to Activate The Quickbooks Desktop 2017 Version on Your System

It is mandatory to activate your software after you’re done with the installation process. Nevertheless, QuickBooks asks you to activate and update your QuickBooks Desktop.

The below steps helps you to manually activate your software version 2017:

  • Simply, go to the QuickBooks software and open it 
  • And then move to the Help menu >>> Activate your QuickBooks Desktop 
  • In the end, verify your information by following the instructions which appear on your desktop screen.

Different Editions of QuickBooks Desktop 2017 You Can Download

When QuickBooks was initially introduced by Intuit then there was only one version available. Gradually, due to industry demands many editions were introduced like QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Accountant, and QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. Each Edition has some specific feature which meets with a particular need of the industry.

Let’s explore each and every editions of QuickBooks Desktop 2017:

This is the most popular edition of QB because it has very simple accounting features and it is quite affordable. It supports international sales and expense tracking too. You get to see a customer snapshot view and three people can use the software at the same time. Not only can export reports to Excel but you can also download bank transactions with it.

QuickBooks Pro has almost all the required features like:

  • Estimates , invoices, and reports creation 
  • Tracking time and expenses for a particular client 
  • Credit cards acceptance 
  • Tracking of bills, expenses, and print checks
  • Track sales and customer accounts
  • Managing payroll 
  • Batch invoicing 
  • Simultaneously 3 users can work on it.

Download QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2017 Versions

This Premier edition has all the features that QuickBooks Pro has. Apart from that, it has some additional features like:

  • Tracking balance sheet by class 
  • Sales and expenses forecasting 
  • Business plan creation 
  • Industry-specific reporting 

This edition is the best suited for general business, contractors, manufacturing and wholesale, non-profit, professional services, and retail. You can see and check customized sales and profitability reports with this software. Also, the balance sheet tracking by class enables you to use classes to track your data by office location, department or service type. You can track changes easily by multiple billing options which permit you to manage and track your time and expenses by categories smoothly.

Download QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2017 Versions

Enterprise edition offers expansive record data sets from 14500 limits to 100,000 limits. Additional audit trails, more users, and integration into other business systems is supported by this version. If your business environment is such that you need to combine reports from multiple files, use-in-depth access control for multi-user environments and render support for up to 30 users at the same time.

Furthermore, it has free online backup for one year and technical support. If your business has many branches and departments that require advanced reporting and tracking options, then choosing Enterprise solutions version will be a wise decision.

Download QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2017 Versions

QuickBooks Accountant Desktop 2017 is available for purchase. The QuickBooks Accountant Desktop is a one-stop solution for all accounting and bookkeeping operations, designed exclusively for accountants. Depending on your accounting needs, you can choose between a single user and a 100-user upgrade.

Its Accountant Toolbox feature allows accountants to quickly access all of the tools they’ll need to work on a client’s QuickBooks. Moreover, you can adopt the latest and secure technology with our servers to get you the most reliable and continuous access to your accounting software.

Download QuickBooks Desktop Accountant 2017 Versions

This is different from other versions. If you’re using Mac editions for your business operations then all the features of QuickBooks Pro for Windows except for creating an accountant copy is available on this edition. It particularly caters to Mac users and can be used for syncing with Mac OS address books and iCal.

Download QuickBooks Mac Desktop 2017 Versions

System Requirements for QuickBooks Desktop 2017

To access the QB version 2017, it is mandatory to check the minimum requirements information to confirm the ability of your computer software, hardware, and operating system (OS). 

let’s check out what are the system requirements you need for QuickBooks Desktop 2017 version:

Software Compatibility

QuickBooks 2017 can integrate with a large number of third-party apps. QuickBooks comes with the following integrations; more RAM will help you get the most out of them.

  • Microsoft Office
    • Microsoft Office 2016, both on 32-bit and 64-bit (including Outlook 2016)
    • MS Office 2010, both on 32-bit and 64-bit (including Outlook 2010)
    • Office 2013, both on 32-bit and 64-bit (including Outlook 2013)
    • MS Office 365(N.B: MS Office 365 the web version is not supported, only the locally installed version is supported)
    • Microsoft Word 2010, 2013, 2016, or Office 365 are required for preparing letters
    • MS Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, or Office 365 are required for exporting reports.
    • Outlook 2010-2016 is required for contact synchronization with Microsoft Outlook. 
    • QuickBooks Contact Sync for Outlook is required for synchronization with Outlook (the download is available at no charge).
    • The Microsoft Business Contact Manager Outlook plug-in does not support Contact Sync. Duplicate records may be created if sync is performed.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader – Payroll, Business Planner, and viewing forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 (a higher version is recommended)
  • TurboTax 2015 and 2014 (for personal and Business)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale 2015 V12.0, V11.0 , V10.0
  • Payroll and other online features and services require Internet access with at least a 56 Kbps connection speed (DSL or cable modem recommended).
  • Pro-Series tax years 2015 and 2014
  • QuickBooks for Mac 2016 
  • Emails
    • Gmail 
    • Yahoo Mail
  • Or Other SMTP supported Email clients
    • Internet Explorer 11
    • Firewall & Antivirus

Supported Firewall and Antivirus Software

The following firewall and antivirus products have been tested with QuickBooks Desktop Pro/Premier 2017 and Enterprise 17.0.

Important Note: To ensure the greatest possible performance with QuickBooks, it may be required to adjust settings in these products in some circumstances.

  • Avast
  • AVG
  • Symantec
  • ESET
  • Avira
  • Kaspersky
  • McAfee
  • Bitdefender
  • Malwarebytes
  • Windows Server Firewall (all editions)
  • Windows 8.1 Firewall (all editions)
  • Windows 7 Firewall (all editions)
  • Microsoft Security Essentials

Hardware Requirements

  • Minimum RAM – 4GB 
  • Recommended RAM – 8GB 
  • Minimum Processor – 4GHz
  • Server RAM Requirements:
    • 0-5 User: 8GB RAM
    • 10+ Users: 12GB RAM 
    • 15+ Users: 16GB RAM 
    • 20+ Users: 20+GB RAM
  • Windows
    • U.S. version
    • Regional Settings are supported when set to English (United States) with keyboard setting to U.S. only
    • Administrator Rights required for the server computer when hosting Multi User Access
    • Natively installed
Note: Natively installed means it was installed on a particular system or environment that it was designed for. This also means that it doesn’t need to run in a virtual environment or emulation software.
  • Disk space requirements:
    • 2.5 GB of disk space (additional space required for data files)
    • Additional software: 60 MB for Microsoft .NET 4.6 Runtime, provided on the QuickBooks CD
    • Additional requirements for Intuit Data Protect in QuickBooks Connected Services offerings
      • Require minimum 4.0 GB RAM
      • Twice the size of the largest File set to back up + 100MB or twice the size to restore. The space is only required from the work folder LocalApplicationData+”Intuit\Intuit Data Protect”
Note: Storing the large QBW data file on an SSD will greatly speed up performance and is encouraged.
  • 4x DVD-ROM drive required for CD installations (unless the user is downloading QuickBooks from Intuit server).
  • Display optimized for 1280 x 1024 screen resolution or higher with up to 2 Extended monitors
  • Best optimized for Default DPI setting for a given computer.
  • Internet access is required.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 10, all editions including 64-bit, natively installed
  • Windows 8.1 (Update 1), all editions including 64-bit, natively installed
  • Windows 7 SP1, all editions including 64-bit, natively installed
  • Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2.

Database Servers:

  • Windows: Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 10, Windows 8.1 (update 1) or Windows 7 SP1 (Enterprise and Professional editions only), natively installed
Note: Windows Home Server 2011 Edition is not supported.
  • Linux: When using QBES Database Server-only installation – OpenSuse 42.1, Fedora 23, Red Hat 7 (Update 2)
Note: Natively installed means it was installed on a particular system or environment that it was designed for. This also means that it doesn’t need to run in a virtual environment or emulation software.

Features of QuickBooks 2017 Version

QuickBooks Desktop 2017 will offer a number of new features to simplify the accounting along with several improvements in the existing features. Below listed are the following new and updated features are available in all Windows versions of QuickBooks 2017:

New! Scheduled Reports

This feature is available for QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant 2017, and Enterprise V 17.0. It is accessible from the menu bar select the Reports >>> Scheduled Setup. The report schedule can later be changed from the menu bar by selecting the Reports >>> Scheduled Reports >>> Scheduled Report Center. However, individual email preferences must be completed from the menu bar by selecting Edit, Preferences, Send Forms, and completing the required information.


Get timely insight with automated Scheduled Reports. Assist your client in customizing and scheduling automated email distribution of reports to you or others who need to be kept up to date with the Scheduled Reports function. It is necessary to memories a report before scheduling it. Any memorized report can be sent by email on a recurrent basis, such as daily, weekly, every two weeks, monthly, quarterly, and annually. On the hour, you can send emails. After you’ve set up a recurring schedule, make a list of the emails you’d like to send out and assign a password to access the reports.

New! Smart Search

All editions of QuickBooks 2017 Desktop software have this feature access. Feature requires the following individual user preference setting to be enabled: Go to the menu bar and then select the Edit tab >>> Preferences. On the left menu, select the General preferences and then go to the My Preferences tab at the top of your screen. Mark the checkbox named “Automatically open drop-down lists when tying”. 


Save time by using a search that is easier and faster. By inputting part of a name and letting QuickBooks fill in the rest, you can find accounts, goods, and clients faster. QuickBooks 2017 displays a filtered drop-down list of those occurrences where the beginning of the words matches the characters input when a user starts typing a list name. The list of matches appears after you type a few characters. The arrow keys on a Windows keyboard can be used to quickly choose the appropriate list name in QuickBooks.

New! In Between Amount Search

All editions of QuickBooks 2017 are allowed to access this feature. You can access from any displayed report by selecting the “Customize Report” and then select “Amount” on the left from the Filters tab. After that, it offers you a search option for an amount range and also allows you to access from the menu bar by selecting the Edit >>> Find. 


You can search between the values in order to find a transaction without having to remember the exact amount.

New! Vendor and Customer Type Filter

This feature is included with all versions of QuickBooks Desktop 2017 software. You can access it from the Vendor or Customer Center. 


You can efficiently filter the Customer or Vendor Center that displays a list by Type including with a new filter option.

New! Visual Reminder to Record Make Deposits

This feature comes with all versions of QuickBooks 2017 Desktop software. You can display on the Home Page when there is an Undeposited Funds balance.


When funds are reported as received for client bills but not yet recorded as deposited to the bank account, QuickBooks users are now notified with a badge on the Make Deposits page on the Home Page. This feature improves visibility but does not alter the QuickBooks payment and deposit workflow.

New! Credit Card Cleared Status

All versions of QuickBooks 2017 Desktop software are allowed to access this feature. It is accessible from the menu bar and selects the “Banking” and then enter the Credit Card Charges. 


You can view an easy-to-read credit card charge status which results from reconciliation of credit card statements in QuickBooks.

New! Feature Tour

This feature is included with all editions of QuickBooks Desktop 2017 version. You can access it by opening automatically with the install of QuickBooks 2017. However, you can also open on demand from the menu bar by selecting the Help menu >>> New Features >>> New Feature Tour.


Get a quick way to share with your clients by instructing them to view the Feature Tour.

Improved! Report Filters View and Modification

All QuickBooks editions offer this feature. You can access this feature by selecting the “Show Applied Filters” which is located at the top left corner of any displayed report. Optionally, you can select the “Hide Applied Filters” to remove them from view. 


Users can choose to show or hide the Applied Filters on a shown report. By clicking the filter type on the displayed report, users may simply adjust the filters by opening the Modify Report with the specified filter active.

Note: On a created report, the terms Show or Hide Applied Filters, as well as the shown filters, do not print.

Improved! Deleted Users on Audit Trail

You can avail this enhancement of feature in all the editions of QuickBooks 2017 Desktop software. It is easily accessible from the menu bar, you simply select the Reports >>> Accountant & Taxes >>> Audit Trail.


The improvement is for instance when the Admin User deletes a User name. For removed users, the Audit Trail will now save user names linked with transaction changes.

Improved! Quickly Select Filters

Quick selection of Filters feature improvement comes with all the editions of QuickBooks 2017 Desktop software. You can access it from any displayed report, just click on the “Customize Report” and then select the “Filters” tab. From the selected filter, pick “Multiple” which is located at the top of the drop-down menu options.


View and pick numerous reports filter with ease. Users had to carefully browse through a list in prior versions of QuickBooks Desktop to choose the individual filtered elements. When selecting numerous things in a filter for a report in QuickBooks 2017, the list is now displayed clearly, and a Select All or Clear All option is available.

Improved! Multi-User Mode in QuickBooks Enterprise

This feature enhancement is available for only QuickBooks Enterprise 17.0 edition. You can access this improvement when working with Pay Bills, Print Checks, and other functions. With the release of QuickBooks Enterprise 17.0, working in multi-user mode in the file has been much easier. Users are now required to move between multi-user and single-user mode for fewer actions.


In multi-user mode, for example, extra users can now pay bills, print checks, and create invoices from estimates.

Improved! Company File Name on Deposit Summary

This improvement is included with all editions of QuickBooks Desktop 2017. It is easily accessible from the “Make Deposit” window, you simply have to select the Print >>> Deposit Summary. The company name is from the “My Company” information. It is also accessible from the menu bar by selecting the Company >>> My Company. If it opens then click the Pencil icon to make modification in your company name. 


The Company Name is now included in the Deposit Summary report issued from a displayed Make Deposits window.

Improved! Time Sheet Row Copy and Paste

This feature has been improved in all the editions of QuickBooks Desktop 2017 version. You can access this feature from the menu bar, select the Employees >>> Enter Time >>> Use Weekly Timesheet. Or you can access from the Home Page, simply select the Enter Time >>> Use Weekly Timesheet icon.


QuickBooks users can now streamline their entry of time in timesheets by the use of a Copy Line, and then a Paste Line function, for individual lines on the Weekly Timesheet. Previous versions of QuickBooks had these same menu items listed, but they were not able to be used in the window.

Benefits of QuickBooks Desktop 2017

  • Efficiency increased for the employment of up to 30 users simultaneously in the software. 
  • It is a user-friendly software that is almost similar to the QuickBooks software version that provides comfort to the user. 
  • You can easily manage and access tasks from anywhere at any point of time in a day. It inculcates on-the-go features that can be accessed from any device. 
  • It offers “Report Option” containing several new features like the “No Job” column, the latest filters for expense, fonts, and a new customization option. 
  • It provides a “Reclassify transactions” tool so that you can reclassify your payee name and customers, and also provides the option to select all transactions between two selected transactions.
  • It contains “sub-categories” which avoid confusion among users due to the selection of sub-categories because it provides a preference that prohibits the user from selecting a customer without a job.
  • From “Charts of Accounts” users can easily use the “Search and Filters” option for a chart of accounts. 
  • You are provided now with Add/Edit multiple list entries so that you can add vendors list with default account. 
  • New “shortcuts” for journal entries, bills, etc, e.g from CTRL + ENTER, you can check registers and add an auto expense account. 
  • It provides “Batch Enter Transactions” so that you can import single transactions with multiple lines. 
  • It provides the option to disable the “Other names list” and avoid hindrance while creating another name and at the time of converting large amounts of “Other Names” into vendors.
  • The new “Reconcile” option helps you to check duplicate transactions that result in errors and provides a complete view of downloaded and matched transactions.      
  • You get the best-in-class performance in this accounting software which is the key success of every business. You can get backdate records in easy steps to get sufficient information according to your business requirements. 
  • You need not fill the same thing again and again. You can get all the correct filling with auto-fills to save time and make the accounting process fast by getting the information you entered earlier.

QuickBooks Desktop 2017 Pricing

QuickBooks ProQuickBooks Premier 2017QuickBooks Premier Plus 2017QuickBooks Mac DesktopQuickBooks Enterprise
$299.95$499.95per year$499.95per year$299.95$84per month
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1. One-time payment
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How to Install QuickBooks 2017 on Windows

To install QuickBooks 2017 on Windows, follow these steps:

  • Make sure your internet connection is stable and that your system meets the requirements.
  • Follow these steps to download QuickBooks desktop 2017:
    • Visit the official website of Intuit.
    • Explore the pricing and features of QuickBooks desktop 2022.
    • Click on the provided link to purchase the product.
    • Choose your desired payment method and complete the transaction.
    • Upon successful payment, you will receive a download link and license code.
    • Check your inbox for a confirmation email.
    • Click on the “Download QuickBooks” option to save the file to your preferred location.
    • The download process will begin.
  • Download and install QuickBooks for Windows.
    • Run the.exe program.
    • Read the authorization guidelines. Click Yes if permission is given.
    • Complete the windows’ additional instructions.
    • Once the License Agreement has been selected and accepted, click Next.
    • When you installed the software, you were given a license and a product key.
  • There are two ways to install QuickBooks: Custom and Network installs, and Express installations. Choose the installation method that best suits your needs.
    • Several users are interested in networking with you.
    • QuickBooks needs to be installed somewhere other than the default location.
    • To store computer files, you need a server.
    • Express Installation is suitable for you if
    • For the first time, you’re using QuickBooks
    • Trying to reinstall QuickBooks
    • The Express installation does not support multiple user networks.
    • As soon as you select the desired installation feature:
    • Follow the steps outlined on the window’s screen.
    • We will begin the setup process.
    • By clicking on QuickBooks, you can begin using the software once the installation is complete.

How to Install QuickBooks 2017 on MAC

  • For QuickBooks installation, make sure your Mac meets the minimum system requirements.
  • Get your product numbers and licenses.
    • Your license and product codes will be emailed to you if you purchased a softcopy.
    • You can find your product and license number by scraping off the label on the physical package.
  • Follow these steps to download and install QuickBooks Desktop 2017 for Mac:
    • Install QuickBooks desktop 2017 on your Mac machine by downloading it or inserting the CD into the installer if you bought it from a local source.
    • Close any other applications you have open.
    • Open the QuickBooks installer by selecting the installed program.
    • Simply drag and drop the QuickBooks icon into the Applications folder on your computer. The software folder will appear automatically.
    • Click on the QuickBooks icon to open the program.

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There are a lot of new functions added to the QuickBooks Desktop 2017 version. Small businesses now can get more while still paying less. The new features provided can boost the amounts of insights that businesses get from reports and skyrocket the efficiency of the accounting departments of the organization.

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  1. What are the features of QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2017?

    The features includes in the edition of QuickBooks Pro 2017:

    1. Report Organization 
    2. Auto-fill to save valuable time
    3. Scheduled reports for better management
    4. Communication Tool 
    5. View Filters applied on Reports 
    6. Predictive Search.

  2. What can be the reasons to upgrade QuickBooks Enterprise 2017?

    The 2017 release of QuickBooks Enterprise 2017 version has few add-on features that enhance the performance ability of the software.

    They are as follows:

    1. Multi-User Environments: With the new multiple user features you can easily pay bills, print checks, scan checks, link estimates to invoices, and link payments to bills all in multi-user mode.

    2. Smart Search Approach: You can now save time with the help of the prompt search approach of the software. You just have to type the name and QuickBooks automatically fills in the rest of the fields. QuickBooks Enterprise 2017 upgrade, there is no need to learn the account numbers. No hassle of performing search activity of full chart of accounts with the upgrade of the QuickBooks Enterprise software 2017 version.

    3. Report Filters: Easily find out the filters applied to a report that helps to quickly toggle between reports.

  3. Why do I have to check for system requirements before downloading QuickBooks Desktop 2017?

    Before downloading, it is necessary to check for the System requirements QuickBooks 2017 Desktop. This prevents the error while running it after installing QB Desktop 2017. Check and fulfill all the requirements to prevent yourself from errors, compatibility issues, etc. 

  4. What are the system requirements for QuickBooks 2017 Desktop if I have a Linux Operating System?

    For Linux- when you are using QBES Database Server-only installation that is OpenSuse 42.1, Fedora 23, and Red Hat 7 (Update 2). So, you get it if you’re using the Linux Operating System.

  5. What are the QuickBooks Point of Sale System requirements in QuickBooks 2017 Desktop?

    The following are the system requirements for QuickBooks Point of Sale in QB 2017 version:

    1. RAM- 4GB for single workstation and 8 GB for multi-user workstations 
    2. Disk Space- 1GB 
    3. Processor- 4GHz for single-user and 2GHz for multi-users 
    4. A multi-core processor is included to do the multi-user implementations.

  6. Does QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise come with what’s in QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier?

    Yes, It has all the features you have in Pro, Premier and more. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise has double the functionality and flexibility as compared to QuickBooks Pro and Premier:

    1. User controls on a whole new level.

    2. More configurable reporting capabilities, including Advanced Reporting*, which is our most powerful reporting tool to date.

    3. Inventory and price management systems that are sophisticated.

    4. Access to the Customer Resource Center, which is solely accessible to our members.

    5. Batch delete, entry, reclassification, and period copy reporting are just a few of the accounting administration options available.

    6. Hundreds of thousands of inventory items, customers, and vendors may be tracked, which is more than 6X the capacity of other QuickBooks products. Reporting from multiple locations or business files* can be consolidated.

    7. Unlimited free customer support and training in the United States Membership in the QuickBooks Priority Circle*, which offers on-demand access to a dedicated account manager, and much more.

  7. How many users can I add to QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2017?

    QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is available in licenses for 1 to 10 users and up to 40 users. You can add as many users as you want up to a 10-user license. You can upgrade to a 40-user license if you presently have 10 users but need extra seats.

  8. Is QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise available in Industry-specific Editions?

    Yes, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is available in the following industry-specific editions:

    1. Construction
    2. Manufacturing / Wholesale
    3. Field Services
    4. Nonprofit
    5. Professional Services
    6. Retail
    7. Accounting Professional

    Each of these industry-specific editions has the same core features as QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise’s standard edition, as well as additional reports and tools like charts of accounts and menu items targeted to your business type.

  9. What are the fewer system requirements that will help you for high-speed performance in QuickBooks Desktop 2017 version?

    The operating system should be Windows 7 or higher to get quality results up to mark. The 2.4 GHz processing power is sufficient to get genuine speed. You can quality performance with 4GB RAM and can go further to increase the number of users. You get the best in class performance in only 2.5 GB free space on the hard disk with Internet Explorer 11 or higher as per your business requirements to get a boost in your business account activity.

  10. Can I download QuickBooks 2017 after discontinuity of service?

    Yes, you can just make sure that your computer’s operating system, hardware, software, and other requirements are compatible to run QuickBooks Desktop 2017. Then ready your product and license numbers.

    You can get download QuickBooks Desktop 2017 by going to the Intuit Download & Updates page.

    1. Once downloaded then you can now install this to your system:
    2. Locate the downloaded setup file on your system 
    3. Click to launch the setup
    4. Follow the prompts to finish installing your QuickBooks Desktop.

    After that, activate your QB Desktop:

    1. Go to the Help menu and then select the “Activate QuickBooks” option 
    2. Finally, perform the prompts to finish installing your QuickBooks Desktop.



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