QuickBooks Error 12002

QuickBooks is a financial and accounting tool widely used by medium and small scale organisations. QuickBooks helps in making the decision making easy. One can get QuickBooks available on desktop and can even get an online version. QuickBooks is available in various editions and versions.

You have to update the QuickBooks timely to get the benefit of its all new features. Retailers, builders and contractors, anybody can use QuickBooks, as per their need. While working on QuickBooks you can face some issues, one among them is QuickBooks Error 12002.

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What is QuickBooks Error 12002

QuickBooks Error 12002 occurs when QuickBooks can’t utilizes the internet relationship on the PC. The reason behind QuickBooks not been able to get the internet affiliation could be because of the applications on your PC. These applications interfere with the download of QuickBooks. QuickBooks Error 12002 occurs because of disappointments caused by general internet issues. Other possibilities may be like Web Explorer is not set as a default program or checkbox of Secure Sockets Layer which also stands for SSL is cleared in the options of Internet Explorer.

Possible causes of QuickBooks Error 12002

  • Network timeout could be one of the reason that may be hindering QuickBooks to access the server
  • Incorrect SSL settings
  • Firewall settings or internet security causing hindrances in the connection
  • Issues in internet connection
  • Not having Internet Explorer as a default browser

How to fix the QuickBooks Error 12002?

Solutions to fix QuickBooks Error 12002 are listed below:

1. Solution One:

  • Firstly close the QuickBooks and then open the Internet Explorer
  • Click on the Tools and choose the option of Internet
  • Click on the Security tab and check whether the security setting is not higher than Medium High, for this specific zone. Click on Globe icon, which is present at the top in window
  • Click on the tab of Content and make sure that content advisor’s button says Enable
  • If button shows Disable then click on the button and after that enter the password by disabling the content advisor’s
  • Then click on the tab of Connections
  • To get complete details of this step, get in touch with the QuickBooks customer support team.
  • Click on the Advanced tab
    1. Then click on the button, Restore Advanced Settings
    2. Scroll down to find out the options of Use TLS 1.0, Use TLS 1.1 and Use TLS 1.2. chances are that you are not able to find the options mentioned above in your version of Internet Explorer, under the settings tab
    3. Verify it carefully that Use TLS to is selected and checked
    4. Ensure that, Use TLS 1.1 and Use TLS 1.2 are not selected or checked
  • Click on OK in order to dose Internet Options Window
  • Restart the computer by closing the Internet Explorer
  • Open the QuickBooks again and try updating it

2. Solution Two:

• By clicking on Internet Connection Setup, choose Help
• Click to get the option “Use my computer’s Internet connection settings to establish a connection when this application accesses the Internet” selected
• Click Next and select Done
• Then try again the update

3. Solution Three:

• Click on the tab of Update Now
• Select the checkbox of Reset Update
• Click on the button of Get Updates
• If the update of program still fails then call QuickBooks Technical Support team

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