QuickBooks Error 2107

What is QuickBooks Error 2107 and How to fix it?

QuickBooks Error 2107 revolves around salary and compensation of the employees especially Direct Deposit method of payment. This error interrupts the smooth process of transferring the salary of employees directly into their accounts.

QuickBooks payroll software by Intuit is a dream come true for bookkeepers as well as accountants as with this software in hand they can easily maintain payroll system of the business without any hassle. The software is designed with the aim of according accountants with the power to compile and complete all payroll activities with limited errors.

Its intuitive dashboard along with self explanatory menu bars and tabs ensure that even novice accountants can use the software with ease. However, as with every software, QuickBooks Payroll software also ends up getting infected with errors which in the end halts the smooth work flow of payroll and sending salary of the employees.

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The error which affects the flow of salary transfer is QuickBooks Payroll Error. It stops the user from directly depositing the salary into the employee’s account. The quickbooks error code is accompanied with an error message which might be similar to the following:

“Information regarding Direct Deposit is not wholly complete. Try to connect with your customer service agent at for instant aid. (Message Code 2107)”

Ensure that you are aware of the error code while reporting the error as this code, 2107, narrows down the area of issue because of which the problem has occurred.

Causes Behind The QuickBooks Error 2107

  • Improper installation of QuickBooks software
  • Corrupted file of the software is downloaded.
  • Windows registry is corrupted due to any change made with the software.
  • Malicious program attack on QuickBooks related files and windows file as well.
  • Some QuickBooks files have accidently been deleted.

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Assumption: It is assumed that the user has:

  • Fully active subscription of QuickBooks payroll software.
  • The internet connectivity is stable
  • QuickBooks settings coincide with the Web settings.
  • Firewall and security software are not restricting the incoming and outgoing information of the software.


The QuickBooks Error 2107 is related to internal working of the software and as such is quite complex to resolve manually. The user will need assistance from expert technical individual who has extensive knowledge regarding the software. The best possible solution is to connect with the customer care team of Intuit who has myriad range of experience in dealing with these kinds of problems. It is the user’s responsibility to relay full information regarding the issue in full disclosure so that it can be resolved quickly.

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