QuickBooks Error code 3120

What is Error Code 3120 in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Error 3120 typically occurs while recording the transaction in your company records. It happens if the transaction that you’re trying to enter always exists. Resyncing the transaction in QuickBooks is the most effective way to get rid of the error. When the error occurs, it will notify you of an error message, press Ok to continue using QB. 

Error: QuickBooks Error code 3120

Error Message: Object: “800000-1349276859” specified in the request cannot be found. QuickBooks error message: Invalid argument. The specified record does not exist in the list.

QuickBooks Error 3120 Receive Payment Add Request

Whenever an error prompts you while working on the software, it is annoying and frustrating for the user. The error is even more troublesome when you are unable to fix it. QuickBooks error 3120 is another error which prompts when the mapping in the system has not been done correctly.

QuickBooks is an advanced software which allows the users to perform various tasks and contribute towards the best of the business development. The software has multiple advantages for the business to prosper. However, there are errors like 3120, Quickbooks error code 6190 and other similar error which might interrupt you while using the software.

In this article we will take you through the error 3120, its causes and resolution which will allow you to dismiss the error from the software. In case you are unable to resolve the error from the following solutions, you can contact QuickBooks Technical Support Number.

“Object not found” is what the QuickBooks error 3120 signify. When you try and pay out the accurate invoices the system payment download crashes which results in the error 3120.

Causes Behind The QuickBooks Error Code 3120

  • Improper account planning may cause this error issue 
  • Initial transactions were evacuating or it was adjusting physically in QuickBooks
  • The business organize in Rapid Inventory clear or remove from the files and you will need an approach to close it by altering it
  • The receipt that you need to contrast isn’t coordinating up and QuickBooks
  • The wrong installation of the QuickBooks was not appropriately done

Solutions For QuickBooks Error 3120

1. Solution One:

  • Using the advanced search in QuickBooks for the transaction value which has been described in the error
  • Once you have got the transaction record you can either delete it, you can modify the sync data which would disable the record from syncing with QuickBooks or you can remove the transaction value and sync the records again
  • Once this is done, you error would be removed from the software.

2. Solution Two:

  • In the Point of Sale select file and then preference
  • Select the preferred workstation and then select account preferences
  • Make sure that the account which has been selected for mapping is correct from all the fronts
  • Update the account with the correct transaction and save the proceedings
  • You can now use your QuickBooks software without any discrepancies.

Need Professional Help?

QuickBooks is one of the most widely used accounting software in the mid sized and small sized industry. However, there are errors like QuickBooks error 3120 which might interrupt you while using the software. You can go through the above resolutions for your assistance. In case you are unable to resolve the issues you can contact our QuickBooks customer support team and they would guide you 24/7 with the best in class service and experienced professionals.


  1. How do I know QuickBooks error code 3120 error will occur?

    The error code 3120 happens specifically when record planning has not been done effectively. The QuickBooks retail location for a work area must be set up effectively to guarantee that such difficulties can be effectively fought. QuickBooks error message “Invalid Argument” will appear in your current window. It may stop your all running windows and sometimes freezes your window for a while.

  2. Is it my harm to my business data?

    No, it doesn’t harm your organization data. All important documents/data are always saved in the QuickBooks backup file. You can easily restore all files, just need to follow on-screen instructions and you are all done with this process. After resolving the error issue, again you can process all your data.

  3. How to figure out QuickBooks error code 3120 in small steps?

    💠 The first thing to open the QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 
    💠 Go to the File menu, hit your click on the “Preferences”
    💠 Then need to choose the “Company”
    💠 From the “Financial” section, choose Accounts 
    💠 Check and verify the Basic and Advanced tabs 
    💠 Run budgetary trade

  4. What is the status code of the 3120 error?

    Status code 3140 or 3120: That specific account is invalid or wrong on your open window. The error code 3120 happens specifically when record planning has not been done accurately. The QuickBooks retail location for a work area must be set up accurately to guarantee that such difficulties can be effectively battled.

  5. How would I find support with QuickBooks?

    In that case, you use QuickBooks 2017 version or later, just need to enter F1 Key or choose the “Help” option then QuickBooks Desktop Help to get help quicker. For the best help understanding, ensure you update QuickBooks to the most recent discharge. Get help quicker from the QuickBooks Help window. Select Help on any page to discover your answer or get in touch with QuickBooks expert team.

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