How to Resolve Quickbooks Error 80029c4a

Quickbooks error 80029c4a

You may face this problem in many versions of QuickBooks like in QuickBooks 2009, 2010, 2012, 2015, or even in QuickBooks pro.

What is QuickBooks Error 80029c4a?

Error Code 80029c4a is perhaps the most muddled error that shows up on the screen with an error message expressing “stacking type library/DLL can’t stack a unique connection library (DLL). The QB clients report this error while closing the QuickBooks application. However, this error could likewise be seen when the QuickBooks segment doesn’t start/work as expected or the Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files are passing up a major opportunity or corrupted, as an outcome of the system anomalies. Now and again the antivirus protections may likewise be the reason behind the error code 80029c4a, for which the client can check antivirus and firewall security settings once.

What are the causes of QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a? 

  • Improper installation of QuickBooks desktop. 
  • Any sort of defilement in the Windows registry can likewise be the reason behind the occurrence of this sort of error. 
  • Additionally, some corrupted or damaged QuickBooks desktop system files may likewise wind up in this sort of error. 
  • Another program erroneously erased QB-related program files, then, at that point prepare to experience this error. 
  • Possibly your antivirus has mistakenly denoted a QuickBooks file as being tainted with the virus. 

Signs and Symptoms of QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a 

The client may have to recognize the issue to fix it, for which the beneath expressed indications may function admirably. By this, the client can advantageously recognize the error and begin with the obsession cycle. 

  • Error Code: 80029c4a. Portrayal: “Error stacking type library/DLL” will positively show on the screen. 
  • At the point when the client coincidentally finds this error, it crashes the dynamic program window 
  • The window runs gradually or languidly 
  • The system “freezes” two or three minutes each time 
  • While installing, the error code springs up on the screen 
  • The error shows up and crashes the running system window

You can resolve your error with the same common process.

  1. Log out of your QuickBooks if you are already logged in.
  2. Now go to the control panel of your desktop computer and click uninstall a program.
  3. Now select QuickBooks from there and click uninstall/change button.
  4. Now beneath the button, you will see NEXT > Repair.
  5. Click on the Finish process once done. This will now repair your Quickbooks software.
  6. Before starting the program again, Reboot your system.
  7. Open up your system as normal and login to your QuickBooks. Your Quickbooks error 80029c4a will now be resolved.

Methods to Resolve Quickbooks Error 80029c4a

Method 1: To fix this error, you need to restart the PC 

If you are in the propensity for rarely rebooting your system and rather put it to sleep then this may help. Rebooting helps in cleaning out the memory issues and gives your installed applications a fresh start. 

Method 2: Follow the steps to update the QuickBooks with the given guidelines

During the existence of the software, Intuit continues giving free QuickBooks updates which can be installed naturally or should be possible at your helpful time. The updates for the most part fix the application issues by fixing the inner issues and bugs which you probably won’t know about. Nonetheless, it is proposed that the updating of the QuickBooks software ought to be done carefully, particularly if you are utilizing network systems. 

It has been seen that in such circumstances when you are updating the application, you may wind up starting a constrained update for every one of the clients as all systems present in the organization will utilize a similar version of the software. Abstain from updating during working hours as it would create pointless setbacks. 

Steps to update QuickBooks software to the most recent release: 

  • In the first step, move to the File menu
  • Then, click on the nearby company or log off. 
  • From that point onward, you need to click on the file, then, at that point hit Exit. 
  • Ensure that you are utilizing the system as Admin. 
  • Confirm that there is no company file open on the system. 
  • Presently, move to the assistance menu choice and afterward select Update QuickBooks alternative. 
  • Then, you need to pick the alternatives tab. 
  • Followed by choosing Mark all alternative and afterward hit the Save button. 
  • The following stage is to hit click on the Update now tab. 
  • From that point onward, click on reset update and afterward hit get updates choice. 
  • When the update cycle concludes, you will see spring up expressing the updates effectively. 
  • Then, at that point, press Alt + F4 keys or Esc and close the QuickBooks software. 
  • Likewise, open the QuickBooks desktop. 
  • Hit Yes. 
  • Furthermore, finally, reboot the system. 

Method 3: The user has to run the’ reboot.bat’ file 

In the installation directory, a little cluster file called reboot.bat is saved, when QuickBooks is installed. You can generally discover this file, regardless of whatever version of the application you use. This bunch file is responsible for resetting all system settings that QuickBooks makes throughout its use. The ‘Reboot.bat’ comprises various order line programs that reset the Windows registry settings for the entirety of the segments that QuickBooks employments. This file is fundamentally seen as a clean-up utility that puts things in their correct spot if they at any point get screwed up. 

Thus, before you run this file, ensure that no components of QuickBooks are running behind the scenes. This is applied to the organization system as well. For this, you likewise need to sign on to Windows as a director to run the file. At the point when the file has been executed, it will restart the system, yet if it doesn’t, you ought not to power to restart it. 

Method 4: The user has to relaunch the QuickBooks desktop 

To set things on the right track, now and again a straightforward application restart is required. This is one of the most straightforward approaches to fixing the error 80029c4a in the QuickBooks desktop. 

Method 5: Reinstall or repair your QuickBooks desktop 

When nothing works, a great method is to update the software by uninstalling it and afterward reinstalling it. If you are utilizing this application just on one PC then this will be a very smoother way out. On organized systems, you need to follow the very preventative measures that you utilized while updating QuickBooks. 

Follow the beneath referenced strides to fix QuickBooks installation: 

  • In the first place, look for a system that isn’t in the organization. 
  • Presently on it, close the QuickBooks and discover the permit and item number from the About choice in the menu, and note the data. 
  • After this go to the Control Panel and afterward go to the rundown of installed programs. 
  • Quest for QuickBooks in the rundown and afterward select it and afterward click on uninstall. 
  • In the uninstall discourse box pick the choice Repair and afterward click on Next. 

Assuming QuickBooks installation gets repaired, it’s acceptable, But assuming should you face any error, all things considered, go to the QuickBooks items update site and check the current release for your item and compare it with the data you have gathered. Ensure that the data matches and after that go to QuickBooks Support Download Site and afterward look for your QuickBooks version, download, and afterward install it. 

Method 6: Update security software 

You are required to update the antivirus or security software to the most recent release and afterward add the program/segment special cases. The means to be followed are as per the following: 

  • Above all else, update the antivirus or security software to the most recent version or release. 
  • After that add the program/part exemptions according to your manual. 
  • What’s more, in conclusion, you need to re-open QuickBooks once more. 

Method 7: Another way to resolve the error is to Authenticate the Antivirus settings 

It may happen that the antivirus programs inadvertently block QuickBooks from stacking fundamental files. You need to check the area of the program that rundowns obstructed files (now and again called your “quarantine”). Refer to the antivirus program for how to set the consent, or utilize these connections in case you’re a Norton or McAfee client. 

If your you spots of the projects recorded underneath in the quarantine, then, at that point you should allow going through the firewall. 

Method 8: Perform a Clean install QuickBooks desktop 

A basic re-installation probably won’t work in fixing the errors. In this manner, it is recommended to settle on the clean install of the QuickBooks desktop.

The means engaged with this cycle are as per the following: 

  • You should accumulate all the QuickBooks item data. 
  • Then, at that point, download the installer for the specific version of QuickBooks. 
  • And afterward, you will have the permit number, which can be spotted on the first bundling or in the buy affirmation email, if the software is purchased carefully. 
  • From that point forward, note down the item year and version. 
  • Pushing forward, uninstall your QuickBooks desktop. 
  • Open the Windows start menu, and afterward look for the control panel and open it. 
  • And afterward, pick the projects and features choice or uninstall a program choice. 
  • Presently select the version of QuickBooks from the rundown. 
  • Followed by choosing to uninstall/change and afterward remove alternatives. Likewise, select straightaway and do the on-screen prompts. 

Method 9: Running Windows system file checker 

The second last technique to resolve the issue can be to run the windows system, file checker. The means to be followed here are: 

  • In the first step, hit a click on the Start tab and afterward type order in the inquiry bar. 
  • Press and hold the Ctrl + Shift tabs and it enters the If your key. 
  • Click Yes, when the consent discourse box shows up on the screen. 
  • Pushing forward, you need to enter SFC/scannow and hit the enter key. 
  • Stand by till the system file checker finishes the filtering for QuickBooks error code 80029c4a. 

Method 10: If all the above solutions failed, you need to scan the system for conceivable malware or virus attack.

It helps to decide on is to filter the system for conceivable malware or virus attack. The means to be followed are: 

  • This cycle includes two stages, in which you utilize the windows virus and threat insurance for the conceivable virus, malware attacks. 
  • You can select a remotely installed anti-virus software for spotting and resolving conceivable trojan attacks.

If you still get Quickbooks error 80029c4a then you can give us an immediate call at our customer support number at ? and our customer care team will then handle your issue.


  1. What is QuickBooks Error 80029c4a?

    QuickBooks Error 80029c4a is a run-time error due to many factors such as damage or corrupt company file, incomplete installation, infected Trojans or Malicious, etc. It is usually encountered when users try to open QuickBooks or company files. When users encounter this error then an error message displays on the display screen stating that QuickBooks Error 80029c4a Error loading type library/DLL can’t load a dynamic link library (DLL).

  2. What are the symptoms of QuickBooks error 80029c4a?

    There are innumerable symptoms you can observe when you encounter this error code such as:

    Windows runs sluggishly or slowly 
    The active window crashes down due to this error code
    PC starts freezing from time to time 
    Windows responds slowly to given input from a mouse or keyboard 
    This error code continuously pops up during the installation of the program.

  3. What are the causes of QuickBooks Error 80029c4a?

    The below list help users to easily recognize the actual causes which are leading to QuickBooks error 80029c4a:

    1. Incomplete installation of QB software 
    2. Infected Virus or Malware 
    3. Corrupt Windows system files or QB-related program files 
    4. Accidentally deletion QuickBooks related files
    5. Corrupt download of the QuickBooks Desktop.

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