What is QuickBooks Error Code 1311 & How to Fix It?

Whenever QuickBooks Error Code 1311 occurs, it simply means that

“Source file not found (filename). Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.”

You may also face this error message when you install or update QuickBooks Desktop if you try to run installation from CD drive or any disk and the installation is stopped due to some problem.

You may face many other errors like Quickbooks Error Code 1328 due to antivirus interruption while installing software or Quickbooks Error 6130 while setting-up the software.

Possible Reasons & Causes of QuickBooks Error Code 1311

  • QuickBooks Desktop and Microsoft Office are not compatible.
  • Error while installing Microsoft Office.

You May Need certain methods to resolve the issue.

The root cause of the error code 1311 could lie in the issues with CD Media or CD-ROM.  Here you may need a quick method to eradicate this problem.

All you can do is copy the installation file from the host CD Drive or CD Media and paste it on to your Hard drive.

How to Resolve The Quickbooks Error Code 1311

Here are the steps, following while help you complete the above-suggested resolution method.

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Step One

    First, insert QuickBooks Installation CD into the CD-ROM Drive. You need to Quit the installation process, if it starts automatically.

  2. Step Two

    Now, right click on the Windows button and click on Explore now.

  3. Step Three

    Now, create a folder on any easily accessible location from your hard drive where you have to paste the files from CD. Now, copy all the files from the CD and paste that files to that location. I.e. you have created a folder on the Desktop of the system and name it QuickBooks.

  4. Step Four

    Now, Open QuickBooks CD ROM –> Right click on it and Explore.

  5. Step Five

    Now, click on it to open Setup.exe files.

  6. Step Six

    Now, copy the files from Host Location and paste it on to the desktop where you have created the folder with the name QuickBooks.

    Now, install QuickBooks from the folder where you have copied QuickBooks from CD.

  7. Step Seven

    Open the folder that you have created on your desktop.

  8. Step Eight

    Now, to start the installation process, double click on the item and start it.

  9. Step Nine

    Now, follow all the instructions of the screen and complete the installation process.

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