Quickbooks Error H101, H202, H303, H505

What is Quickbooks Error H101, H202, H303, or H505 & How to Fix Them?

Errors H101, H202, H303 , or H505 in QuickBooks are most commonly the company files location errors that do not allow the host computer to connect to the company file or there has to be an external installation setup required to connect to the company file.

In this piece, we will describe the causes for the errors H101, H202 Error MultiUser Mode Quickbooks, H303, or H505 in QuickBooks and the resolution of these issues. You can go through the article and understand the solutions.

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Causes of Errors H101, H202, H303 ,or H505 in QuickBooks

  • The settings to host Qthe QuickBooks server is incorrect and so the configurations need to be improved accordingly
  • The firewall settings for QuickBooks are not set properly. There are communications wthatfail while making an inbound or outbound attempt
  • The host computer is not able to send the IP address to the ongoing system. Here the database server manager in QuickBooks has recovered wthe rong IP
  • The settings in the domain name server iareincorrect
  • The QuickBooks database services are not started in QuickBooks which should otherwise be started automatically

Solutions of Errors H101, H202, H303 ,or H505 in QuickBooks

There are vvarioussolutions of these H series errors in Quickbooks, Which are mentioned below:

1. Solution One: Use QuickBooks File Doctor

  • Download QuickBooks File Doctor which is a tool designed by Intuit to manage and resolve all file errors with QuickBooks.
  • This component also enables to restore settings according to the QuickBooks software and solves multi-user errors.

2. Solution Two: Confirm The Hosting Settings

  • In all the systems open the QuickBooks home page
  • Select File and then select utilities
  • Look for Host multi-user access in all the workstations simultaneously (It means that the system is not hosting the software file).
  • In case you see Stop multi-user access then click the tab
  • Repeat the steps for all the systems

3. Solution Three: Configure Firewall by Selecting Network Ports

  • In the firewall settings make a connection window
  • Right select the outbound files and tap new rules
  • Click ports
  • Select next
  • In the local ports box select TCP
  • Tap Next
  • Select allow the connection
  • Tap next
  • Enter characters in the name field
  • Tap finish
  • The above steps are similar to the inbound rules
  • You can now open QuickBooks in multiuser mode
  • Also ,check if you have removed Quickbooks from your Firewall (firewall blocking Quickbooks)

QuickBooks is an advanced technology accounting software that allows the business to grow with higher productivity and efficiency. However, some errors prompt while working on the software. To resolve errors H101, H202, H303, or H505 in QuickBooks you can follow the above procedures.

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  1. Why ddoQuickBooks error codes H101, H202, H303, and H505 occur?

    This error code most probably occurs when QB attempts to establish a connection to access the company files but unfortunately, it is unable to communicate with the server. Other reasons may be improper DNS settings, .ND files are incorrect or get damaged, all settings of the hosting configuration are incorrect, the incorrect format of the configuration hosting, etc.

  2. What are the symptoms of QuickBooks error codes H101, H202, H303, and H505?

    The H series of error can be identified by the following symptoms like crashes of the active window, error code continuously pops up on the screen, system crashes from time to time while running the same software, Windows running slowly and do not respond to the given keyboard and mouse inputs, system freezes for few moments, and more.

  3. What are the important pointers I need to consider before moving to fix QuickBooks error codes H101, H202, H303, and H505?

    There are a few things needed to consider like making sure the installed QuickBooks on the server computer; must be possibly installed with or without a license, in case the QB Desktop is not installed on the server then you’ll be able to use or access in multi-user mode. The last thing is to download the QB software from the official Intuit website.