QuickBooks error could not be handled because QuickBooks cannot open files?

Steps to follow if you QuickBooks can’t open files

Are you getting specific error code?
If Yes
Follow the instruction for the error Fix the error code.
If no
If the file is on a specific server or hard drive may be that local machine is not connected that drive or server machine.
Try to get file locally on system where you are working not on server.
If same pursue than you have to check with the data recovery team.
If the file is opening locally go to server pc and check if the file is added and scanned on QuickBooks data base server manager.
If not then this is one of the reason why you are not able to access the file.
Folder which contains the company file should have complete access for all other users who are going to use QuickBooks company file including QuickBooksDB 24.
Other issues which might occur are.

  1. QuickBooks error the file cannot be opened with windows 10

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