Quickbooks File Hosting for Enterprise Version of Quickbooks 2015 & 2016

Quickbooks File Hosting

Quickbooks hosting means when the computer saves company file on your personal computer but you also want that your file can be seen by the other people so with the help hosting you can access it on other computers so that one particular thing can be seen by everyone.

After reading all the above things you might can think that how you can access company file for doing these things you just have to follow the three steps for doing it:

  1. It requires windows file permission before proceeding further and then according to your needs you just have to modify it.
  2. With the help of a database server without any tension, you can easily open your company file.
  3. Then at the last, you have to log in as a Quickbooks user.

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The Quickbooks Cloud Hosting program gives access to the user to have licensed copies of QuickBooks Desktop to be installed on the server. This provides authorized access through remote facility. All you need is internet accessibility on a virtual desktop with the help of web browser and secure connection.

Intuit has made special provisions to authorize such hosting companies so that authorized applications can be delivered to manage services to those customers who have purchased licensed QuickBooks products for the use.

1. Access from Anywhere at Any Point of Time

  • Facility of remote access QuickBooks Desktop version with provision of just a web browser.
  • Get your QuickBooks connected over multiple location.
  • Your data file can easily be updated in one go.

2. Protect Your Business

  • It takes your business automatically.
  • Connections via Password-protected mode.
  • You can easily prevent data-loss with off-site storage.

3. Save on Technology Hassles

  • Low computer IT costs saves your money.
  • Hosting system maintains a network for you.
  • Desktop application updates may give technology headaches.

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