QuickBooks can’t open the Company File

If the user of QuickBooks can’t open the company file, then it might be opened by some other user. Other possible reasons behind QuickBooks file in use error are:

  1. Someone else has opened the file in the Single User mode in another computer
  2. The folder where the file is placed is the read-only folder
  3. Another user is accessing the file through the remote software, whereas host user is able to see the user is logged in still

Solutions of the Problem                 
Solution 1: Using QuickBooks File Doctor

  1. Get the QuickBooks File Doctor downloaded and run it

Solution 2: Try resolving the Error Manually

  1. If other use has opened the company file on another workstation in Single User Mode, then:


  1. Make sure that QuickBooks Desktop is closed in all the computers
  2. Then get the company file opened in Host computer
  3. After that from the File menu, choose, Switch to Multi-user mode
  4. If the issue doesn’t get resolved, then reboot all the computer systems


  1. If company file is opened on Host computer in Single User mode


  1. Select the Close Company from File menu
  2. Then open the company file again. After that select the Open or Restore Company from File menu
  3. Choose Open a company file and then select Next
  4. Select the company file of yours
  5. Choose Open file in multi-user mode and then select Open


  1. If the location of your company file is in the network folder of read-only


  1. Go to specific computer which hosts the company file
  2. Then get the folder opened where company file of yours is saved
  3. Go to the folder and right-click on it and after that select the Properties
  4. Go to the tab of Security
  5. Then choose the user, who is having problem in logging in and after that select Edit
  6. Check Allow to get the Full control
  7. Tap on Apply and then on OK


  1. If someone is accessing the system remotely through GoToMyPC, LogMeIn etc


  1. Go to the task bar and right click on it after that select the Task manager
  2. Go to the tab of Processes and then see whether there are any processes running by the name of the particular user, you have issues with
  3. If the processes are present under the user, then restart your system

Issues and Questions that users Face
Unable to open the company file in the QuickBooks pro 2016, as the error appears, which says that program could not start, as windows firewall is blocking/preventing the same from starting. You have tried changing all the permission, but issue still persists.
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