Merge Customers in Quickbooks

How to Merge Customers in Quickbooks

We are going to discuss the process through which the information of the customers or customers could be merged to delete any duplicate data. Information of two similar customers can be merged by following the procedure given below.

Let’s have a look at the procedure:

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Step One

    Tap on Sales

  2. Step Two

    Then choose the Customers

  3. Step Three

    After that choose the customers having the same information

  4. Step Four

    Tap on Edit present at the top

  5. Step Five

    Make the changes in the name

  6. Step Six

    Make sure that Display Name you gave is a unique one

  7. Step Seven

    Click on Save and then on OK and confirm the changes that you have made for the customers of yours

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Process of Merging of accounts in Quickbooks

Let’s have a look at how the merging of accounts is done:

  • Tap on Charts of Account and then on the Gear icon
  • After that go to the Action tab and click on Edit
  • Then ensure that the Name is copied and you take note of all the Detail Type
  • Tap on cancel and then go back to Charts of Account
  • Then go to accounts and tap on Edit
  • After that make changes in accounts types as per the requirements you have
  • Tap on Save and confirm, when the dialog box of this message appears

Process of Merging The Vendors in Quickbooks

In case you have the vendors listed in the data file of QuickBooks, then you can merge them to avoid any kind of unnecessary redundancy.

Steps for the same are given below:

  1. Go to the left menu of the page and tap on Expense
  2. Select the Vendor’s and Suppliers options
  3. Verify that the vendors selected by you to merge must have the similar options
  4. Tap on the option of Edit and then make necessary changes in the vendor’s name
  5. Then click on Save
  6. Tap on Yes to give affirmation to your actions

Concurrent Roles

The vendor and customer roles are defined differently in QuickBooks. Customers are linked with the accounts receivable and sales receipts whereas vendors are linked with the purchase made by you and the accounts payable. In case the company and customers are with another vendor and customer than two accounts should be maintained by you, one as the customer and the other one as a vendor.

It has to be done because vendor and customer can’t have the same names exactly. Customer records cannot be combined with the vendor record or you cannot convert the vendor record to the customer record or the customer record to the vendor record.

Issues and Questions that Customers Face

For example, you are willing to merge the two customers along with moving their estimates and history. Now what you want to know is how this is done.

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