Quickbooks Invoice Numbers Not in Sequence

Quickbooks Invoice Numbers Not in Sequence

For Invoice numbers in quickbooks to be sequentially corrected the start of the sequence needs to be manually entered.Once the invoice number is manually entered the sequence takes the next number of invoice for the next in sequence which helps all the invoices to be level and maintained in sequential way.

The numbering system should be in the way that the sequence can be recognized easily.The numbers should be in the order that the next should be incremented by one so that it keeps a sequence of row.

You can always change the numbers by recreating recurring template and always uncheck the automatic sending email so that the quickbooks keeps the sequence of invoice numbers.

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Basics of Invoice Numbering

In QuickBooks, there is a set pattern of giving sequence order. Say, you have created an invoice and saved it, the next invoice that you will make will automatically get the next sequential order.

If you just save an invoice with sequence number 102, the next invoice number will automatically be 103. If you save any invoice “invoice 102” then the next invoice will be “invoice 103.” Use any pattern for the sequence and it will follow the same order.

You may face some sequential error while adding invoice number as if any number of character gets added to the invoice, the QuickBooks will start maintaining the sequence and add the same character or in a sequence.

Here is one simple solution that you can create and save a new invoice, Edit the invoice number that does not have that character or number. There may also be a situation sometimes that Invoice number sequencing does not work you should try to look for the invoice you just made.

Invoice Number Errors

Invoice Number generally bears two types of errors in QuickBooks – duplicate numbers and skipped numbers. When you assign a special name or a special number to a particular number instead of letting QuickBooks assign the same.

So, if you created an invoice number 1001, the next would automatically be 1002 then 1003 and if in between you made invoice number 1010, the QuickBooks would automatically start sequence from 1010->1011->1012 and so on.

The QuickBooks can also assign the same invoice number to two different invoices, particularly if you use import program so that new invoices can be added. There remains some hidden unique transaction ID with these invoices – the “invoice number” is not the key to each transaction.

Set Up Multiple Sequences

If you have two or more than two sequences as we discussed above? You might need various sequence for different sectors, for example, for retails, the sequence starts with “R001”, and for services, the sequence starts with “S001.” It can be bit difficult sometimes for other software to track and keep check on both the sequences but, QuickBooks can easily do this and can keep check on all the invoices.

If you add another A/R account, a drop-down title “Accountson” will appear to the create invoice screen.

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