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Designing of layout in QuickBooks

In QuickBooks the invoices are generated to keep the record of all the transactions and payments to keep the track of products and all the billing information which are then presented as invoice and these invoices have the layouts which are different in every invoice such layouts present how the data is sequenced and then charged in terms of checks or cash.

How the layouts are made?

  • In QuickBooks the layouts are designed for the particular product and invoice as per requirements
  • These are designed by a layout designer which actually functions to keep data and invoices looking in sequence.
  • QuickBooks layout designer is very productive and fast in terms of application of time.
  • In quick books there is a template option where you can design layout for invoice.
  • In QuickBooks when the template is open the layout is managed by the user according to the invoice or pay slip the user wants to design.

QuickBooks layout designer is a tool used in organisations for the designing of form that looks distinguished and fully business oriented. Generally the Layout Designer is used for the preparing the invoices.

You can create any layout for the visual elements on a page. It gives you the facility to generate or customize the form according to your requirements be it for the creation of sales receipt, purchase orders, estimates, invoices or any cash memos.

Steps to work on Quickbooks layout designer

  • Firstly, open the Layout Designer then select the new template option.
  • Then, from the field window select the fields you want in your form.
  • Next, customize the form by adding the text boxes, background images, borders, changing the font, adding logos etc.
  • You have so many options for choosing the format of images and files for example like for images you can choose .JPG, .GIF, .TIFF, .BMP, .PNG and  .PICT format.

How to Export a Template

You can export the template simply all you need to do is

  • Open the Layout Designer
  • Choose the File you want to export
  • Select the format in which you like to export the template to Quickbooks
  • Next Click on the export button.

Things you can do using a QuickBooks Layout Designer

  • Move and Resize objects
  • Select Objects
  • Change column width
  • Change Fonts size and color
  • Adjust Margin
  • Align text within the fields

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