What is QuickBooks Log Error 4 & How to Fix It?

QuickBooks is one of the most widely used accounting software in the business industry. However, there are errors which may not allow you to use the software significantly and also further annoy the consumer with the error generated.

In this piece we will describe the log error 4 in QuickBooks and also the resolution to the issue. In case you have any concerns with the below information, you can contact QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number.

When you install QuickBooks and then launch the integration manager. The event section in the windows has section which might interrupt you with event log 4 error. To resolve the error you can try QuickBooks Troubleshooting and in case it does not resolve your concerns, you can follow the steps below.

The foremost reason behind the log error 4 in QuickBooks is the .NET framework which is 4.0 SP can lead to this issue.

How to Fix QuickBooks Log Error 4

To resolve quickbooks log error log 4, You need to follow mentioned below steps:

Total Time: 12 minutes

  1. Step One

    In the Windows Start menu tap Run

  2. Step Two

    In the empty field, type appwiz.cpl and enter

  3. Step Three

    This will take you to the programs and features page or add or remove programs page

  4. Step Four

    Find the .NET framework 4.0 in the system

  5. Step Five

    You will need to press uninstall but make sure you highlight it before uninstalling

  6. Step Six

    Reboot the workstation

  7. Step Seven

    On restarting the system, go to the windows start menu and tap run

  8. Step Eight

    Again type appwiz.cpl in the run field

  9. Step Nine

    This will again take you to the programs and features page or add or remove programs page

  10. Step Ten

    The left side of the screen would take you to add/remove programs. Tap it

  11. Step Eleven

    The feature page in the windows appears on the screen

  12. Step Twelve

    Once you enlarge the .NET framework, it will show up with the Microsoft .NET framework.

  13. Step Thirteen

    Confirm both the options and then press ok

  14. Step Fourteen

    The framework 3.5 for .NET will be downloaded and installed

  15. Step Fifteen

    Follow the ongoing prompts and then tap finish once everything is done

QuickBooks is a profound product but prone to errors. The QuickBooks log error 4 is the one which does not allow you to use the system and instead crashes the software.

Need Professional Help?

However, we have given the solution above which will enable you to fix log error 4. In case you have any concerns with the above solution, you can contact the QuickBooks customer support team and get assisted with the experts of the domain. They are highly knowledgeable QuickBooks professionals who would assist you 24/7 with the software concerns.

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