QuickBooks for Mac 2018

When a highly specified desktop is integrated with new generation software it gives out remarkable results. Just like fusing the Audi engine in the Volkswagen Polo or forging the steel with Damascus style would give out great results, similarly, integrating QuickBooks 2018 with Mac makes it a first pick in the fruits basket.

Both Mac and QuickBooks complement each other pretty well while working together. Both the piles have rich features and high specifications which makes the working of the software simplified and efficient for the organization.

There are different QuickBooks products which behave differently with Mac. QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise have different impact on Mac. All of these products have their own advantages with Mac integration.

Features of using  QuickBooks for Mac 2018

1. Contact Dashboard and Management

QuickBooks Mac allows you to add general contacts along with particular specifications for each contact. You can assign credit limits, representatives, sales tax, credits and maps with the contact. Every contact has been given a separate dashboard with all the transaction history which makes the management for all the connections much easier.

2. Invoices

It is much easy to assemble the invoices with QuickBooks Mac. Once you input the customer name, the software will automatically fill in the rest of the details. Invoice can be printed and can be shared over the mail. You can customize the invoice as per your needs. The most satisfying portion of QuickBooks Mac is the invoice sound and interface which always keeps you interested and fascinated.

3. Time Management

Time in QuickBooks Mac can be easily managed through timesheets. It records all the employee hours which further allows the organization to judge the productivity of an employee and henceforth the organization. You can assign the billing time to each invoice which enables progressive invoicing.

4. Dashboard

The snapshot tab on the foot of the homepage will take you to the authentic QuickBooks Mac dashboard. The dashboard features complete graphical and practical view of the organization. The productivity is consistently visualized with time in the form of graphs to track the exact moments and the financial status of the business.

5. Reporting

QuickBooks Mac provides you with over 10 dozens of reports. Some of the reports help you in building the efficiency, some of them help in increasing the productivity and some helps in improving the company decisions. These reports are easy to fetch and they can also be further worked upon to get new ideas and information.

QuickBooks Mac may generate issues since not everyone is in touch with two commendable technologies at the same time.

However, in case you are prompted with errors or you’re unable to understand the core of the technology you can contact our QuickBooks Technical Support team ?smbaccountants.com and get assisted. We have the professionals of QuickBooks who would assist you with the best in class service 24/7. You can also contact our QuickBooks Mac Chat Support for live chat with our experts.

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