QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly: How to Troubleshoot

QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly: How to Troubleshoot? Well, this is a commonly reoccurring problem and can be resolved in a few simple steps. This is an issue that can occur when the user is trying to shift the date from QuickBooks to a new system. You might receive a notification message that states ‘QuickBooks Migration System failed unexpectedly’. This error code occurs when the users try to edit their computers annually. However, with the QB tools by your side, you will have no problems when you need to copy the files of the company and move them onto the QuickBooks data onto a different system.

The best part about the QB migration tool is that it enables the users to copy three files at a single go, provided you enjoy a smooth internet connection. To do so, one simply requires to launch the QB desktop onto your system. After, that all it requires is to be able to launch the app and activate the same. To initiate the process of activation, one simply needs to enter the Product Details and the license number. This is when there are chances that you might receive an ERROR Code during the process of ‘moving’.

The best part about QB is that it is simple and easy to use. Likewise, to deal with this ERROR code issue, there are a few basic requirements that one needs to take care of. A basic USB flash drive is necessary to save the QB files. Another essential aspect is 300 MB of space in the External Drive. While we are discussing the topic, one must bear in mind that this process will not be applicable for the following ‘setups’:

  • Payment and payroll setup
  • The old company files
  • The configuration of the computer
  • Intuit data protect
  • Manual backup files
  • The Multi-user setup

Now, that we have discussed the basics regarding the unexpected failure of the QB, let us take a look at the reasons for happening so.

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Let us take a look at some of the main reasons for the ERROR code to occur:

  • The Windows in the system are outdated and are unable to support the QB software.
  • The QB run faces hindrance that commonly occurs when one encounters damaged settings Operating systems
  • Other miscellaneous settings requirements need to be met to be able to enjoy seamless OB access.

QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly: THE SOLUTION

One of the major aspects is to be able to use the Migration tool to retrieve back the company files. To do so, you can easily locate them manually and then copy the QB files from the Backup files. Here are the steps involved:


To be able to restore the company files you need to:

  • Copy the backup files to your system
  • Open the particular folder and locate the backup file
  • Locate the folder named ‘RESTORED COMPANY NAME FILES’ and open the particular folder
  • Right-click on the folder name
  • Click and select the Copy option
  • It is now that you paste the required file into this particular site or location
  • The required files include QB letters, Cash flow projector, QB templates, Printer settings, and Financial statement designer.

Solution 2: Shifting the Company files to a Different Computer

The best part about this solution is that it will not affect the Product License. Here are the steps to repair the QB Migration failed error unexpectedly:

  • Start by installing the QB desktop application onto your system
  • You need to prepare the backup for the Old computer
  • Next, copy the particular backup for your current system.
  • Now, you need to restore the backup files and simply follow the commands shown
  • Finally, the restoration process is completed
  • Lastly, you need to fix the current tax table on your PC.

Solution 3: To Shift the QuickBooks Data Folder

One of the most efficient solutions is to be able to shift the entire QB data folder to be able to create a backup file and later proceed to copy it.

Below are the steps to do so:

  • Start by launching the QB software and locate the Company File.
  • Click on the F2 key and you will find the tab for PRODUCT INFORMATION.
  • Navigate to the ‘FILE INFORMATION.
  • Click start the given folder name and select the Copy option
  • Paste the certain file onto the required location.

Solution 4: Using the Particular Intuit Data Protect

The intuit data protection plan includes the backup of the PC, non-QB files, or single files. This greatly depends upon the individual Data Protect Plan. This will instantly fix the QB migration files’ unexpected errors.

Following are the steps to be followed to backup files without Intuit Data Protect:

  • Start by creating the backup file of the particular QB Company file.
  • Log in to the INTUIT DATA PROTECT  on the current system
  • Go to the FILE tab in the QB app
  • Select the required option for the BACKUP COMPANY from the screen.
  • Select the SETUP option. Likewise, you can also choose the ACTIVATE ONLINE BACKUP option
  • Next, choose the QuickBook Company file and click on CONTINUE
  • Click tick, on the checkmark box next to BACKUP LOCAL SELECTED DOCUMENTS
  • Click on CONTINUE and allow the backup to initiate.
  • The QB folder comprises the following files: Network data files, logos and images files, loan Manager files, Business Planner files, transaction log files, and Cash flow Projector Files.

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  1. Do we need to upgrade the company file required after the migration of the QB to the New Computer?

    No, upgrading the Company files after the process of migration is not required. The reason is that the same version of the QB will be installed on your PC.

  2. Is there a possibility of the Company files being deleted after the process of the QB migration has taken place?

    No, there are no occurrences of the company files being deleted after the process of migration has taken place. On using the migration tool, one can copy 3 company files onto the current system

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