QuickBooks ND file is nothing but a network data file that usually helps you to access your company file in a network and multi-user mode. Here in the guide, you’ll learn QuickBooks ND file error: what is it within QuickBooks Desktop and Enterprise.

What is QuickBooks ND File error?

An ND file is a network data file which exists when the QuickBooks is accessing the company file in a multi user or network mode. Even if the user was working on the multi-user platform previously and now it uses single user then also a ND file would be present in QuickBooks. This file exists and generated with the company file only and is captured by .ND extension.

Before going to resolving the issue Quickbooks .ND file error, You must know: What is a .ND file.

What is an .ND file?

.ND files (network data files) referred to the configuration files that allow the accounting software to access its company file in a multi-user mode. These files are generated through the QuickBooks database server manager. These files play a major role in discovering the database server’s used application.

What are The Functions of .ND files?

Below-mentioned is the list of features available in ND files:

  • These files are generally generated by the QuickBooks database server manager appears in the location of the company files. You need to use .ND file extension to discover the field.
  • The .ND files are also available in single-user environments that previously has enabled multi-user access feature
  • The size of .ND file is 1 KB and is a text file
  • The file comprises the QuickBooks related information needed to communicate with the server like IP address and the port. If you want to verify the company file is in use or not with the .ND file. Press the F2 button to see the product information including the server name & IP addresses.

Structure of .ND file

  • Server IP Address: It displays the server IP address so that you can use it to perform verification
  • Server name & QuickBooks Year: The Server name appears in the middle whereas the version of the QuickBooks server manager located at the end
  • Used Port: It contains the added or opened port number in the firewall settings 
  • The complete path to the company file: It displays the correct path which is useful for troubleshooting 
  • On and off option for Hosting: Make sure that the hosting required to be enabled for the opened file in settings which says multi-user network.

How to Run an Open ND file?

  • Use editor software like Notepad or WordPad to open the .ND file
  • This file can be easily discovered with a text icon. 
  • There are several other third-party applications available to run the ND file to view the QuickBooks related information. 

What Happens Due to QuickBooks ND file error?

How to Fix QuickBooks .ND File Error

To Fix the QuickBooks ND File error follow the steps provided below:

Total Time: 3 minutes

  1. Compare IP address

    Compare the IP address with .ND fie error.

  2. Server Name in Middle

    The name of the server should always be in the middle.

  3. Check Firewall

    In firewall the port should be open.

  4. Troubleshoot The Drives

    Troubleshoot the drives excluding operating system drive.

  5. Hosting Must Be Active

    In network settings hosting needs to be active.

  6. Recreate the .ND file

    Recreate the .ND file to remove errors.

Note : The best way to get rid of .ND file error is to search for all the .ND extension files and delete them so that the database server searches the file and then the recreation of .ND file happens to keep the error of .ND completely removed from the QuickBooks database.

Alternate Methods to Fix .ND File Errors in QuickBooks

Many scenarios take place when the .ND file gets corrupted or damaged during the upgrade process. The users can easily monitor it or recreate it to resolve the errors. It usually occurs in one situation when the company files unable to open or some issues occur like the H series issue, QuickBooks error 80070057, or 6189,816.

Here is the list of solutions users can apply to rectify the .ND file issues in QuickBooks:

1. Method One: Reboot the computer & Server

Follow the steps:

  • Firstly you need to locate all the system having access to the company file
  • After this reboot all the systems
  • Now check the data of the server 
  • Once done now re-start the server
  • After this proceed with accessing the company file

2. Method Two: Verify The Wrong or Missing .ND Files in The System

  • Initially discover the .ND files in your system with company files 
  • If the .ND files do not available then the users can locate the company file in the computer to recreate the files
  • After this, you have to remove the files
  • Now use the database server manager to perform the re-scanning of the folders
  • It will help you to make new files 

More on the Network Data files

.ND file is made in the folder same as where company file is created, and also identified with the .ND file extension:

  • qbw.nd
  • nd

1. Server IP Address

Get the IP address of the server and then compare it with what is there in .ND file.

2. Server Name and QB Year:

Server name comes in the middle. Version of QuickBooks Database Manager comes in the end: 25=2015, 26=2016, 27=2017

3. Port Used:

Add/open the port in firewall settings

4. Full path to company file

Additional troubleshooting will be required in the other path

  • .ND file is of 1KB in size. Being a text file, you can edit and open it in Notepad. .ND files can be identified with the text icon
  • These files have information that needs to be communicated by QuickBooks with server and most importantly by port and IP address. It also helps in identifying that company file is being used or not
  • Recreating and viewing the .ND files will help in resolving the errors, when you are unable to open the company file. Errors that commonly occurs are -82, -6189, H505, H303 and H202. You will not be able to open the company file if .ND file is incorrect, damaged, or if during the process of upgrade the .QBW is moved, whereas corresponding .ND file is not moved
  • Issues in .ND files could be resolved easily, be it a damaged, missing or incorrect file, search in the computer that has .ND company files. Rename or delete the file (.NDOLD) and make use of Database Server Manager so that the folders are rescanned. Due to this a new file will be created. If there is no .ND file then open the company file in QuickBooks in your system where the file is kept, will lead to its creation
  • As soon as the company file gets open, get the IP address and the server name verified by carefully checking the screen for Product Information

Our QuickBooks customer support team will help you in getting complete information, if you want to know more. You can call our QuickBooks Technical Support team on our smbaccountants.com.


  1. What are the error codes we encounter when the .ND file is missing or damaged?

    Below are listed some of the error codes that you encountered when the .ND file gets missing or damaged:

    💠 6000 series error code: Error code -6189, 816, -6175, -6000, 83, -6150, -6143, 0, etc.
    💠 H-Series error code: H101, H303, H202, or H505
    💠 QuickBooks error 80070057

  2. How to resolve the incorrect or missing .ND files?

    In the beginning, find the .ND file containing the company files. Next, you need to delete/remove the same files (.NDOLD). Now, use the QuickBooks Database Server Manager in order to re-scan the files/folders. And this step creates a new file.

  3. How do I rename the .TLG and .ND files in QuickBooks?

    Initially, open your folder where your company file is stored. Look for the file with an extension name .ND and .TLG. Rename each file and add an OLD name at the end of the file names.

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