In QuickBooks the invoices that are generated are in the text format for QuickBooks but the invoices are suppose to be in PDF format so that it is easy to download with a user-friendly environment and easy to be mailed to anyone.

Sometimes when the operating system is upgraded or updated QuickBooks gets the error where the form or a page is not converted in PDF format in such cases the PDF file is not generated and the error occurs in QuickBooks. To save a form in PDF format there is a option when a invoice is created to change the format of form.

In QuickBooks when the form is not saved in the PDF format there might be an issue with the windows update where the Microsoft XPS document writer is not updated to the latest version so that when an invoice needs to be converted in PDF format its not been updated according to the software.

Reasons for the “QuickBooks can’t make PDF” issue 

QuickBooks Unable to Create PDF. At least one of the reasons given underneath can make QuickBooks incapable to make PDFs: 

  • A PDF file part is absent 
  • PDF converter installation errors, for example, Error 1722 or 1801 
  • Errors identified with QuickBooks PDF converter actuation 
  • PDF Converter has become disconnected 
  • QuickBooks can’t save the structure as PDF 
  • Print driver host has quit working 
  • The gadget isn’t prepared error 
  • Network problem with a printer 
  • An unrecoverable error has happened 
  • Accommodating accounts freezes QuickBooks

How to Fix If form is not saving as PDF?

Method 1: Check whether the accommodate window is showing up off

Check whether the accommodate window is showing up off of the screen if that picking accommodates from the Banking, menu secures QuickBooks, however, there is no problem with the PDF capacities, it infers that accommodate window might be showing up off of the screen. Follow these means:

  • Check whether an accommodate window is recorded in the rundown in the Window menu. 
  • Pick Close All. 
  • Start the accommodate process once more. 
  • Presently, check for the QuickBooks Unable to Create PDF problem. 
  • Rest, reinstall and change Windows user consents for Microsoft XPS Document Writer 
  • Microsoft XPS Document Writer 

Following advances are given underneath 

Test Microsoft XPS Document Writer 

  • Open-File Menu. 
  • Select Print. 
  • Pick Microsoft XPS Document Writer as the printer. 
  • Print and save .xpsfile to desktop. 
  • Search for .xpsfile on desktop. 

Method 2: Reinstall Microsoft XPS Document Writer 

If the file isn’t on the desktop and no error sprung up on saving the file, check your security settings. if that the .xps file is there, however, there is an error opening or it’s anything but showing properly, reinstall the XPS Document Writer. if that when you attempt to print, QuickBooks experiences a problem, reinstall XPS Document Writer. Likewise, reinstall the writer if that it’s anything but accessible as a choice. 

Before reinstalling Microsoft XPS Document Writer, ensure that both XPS Services and XPS Viewer are empowered. 

  • Change Windows user authorizations for Microsoft XPS Document Writer 
  • Open Printers Control Panel. 
  • Open Printer Properties for the Microsoft XPS Document Writer. 
  • Pick Everyone user bunch under Security. 
  • Select Print in the Allow section and spot a checkmark in that column. 
  • Go to C:\Windows\System32\spool. 
  • Select Printers, then, at that point Security under Properties. 
  • Pick Edit, then, at that point Add, type Local Service, and select Enter. 
  • Guarantee Local Service has Full Control, and afterward select OK. 
  • Presently, check for QuickBooks can’t make PDF. 

Method 3: User has to edit the  settings of your security programming 

You might be confronting can’t make PDF in QuickBooks issue because of the security programming, for example, an antivirus or firewall installed on your PC. Change settings of your product so it permits the formation of .xps files. 

  • Install or fix Microsoft Core XML Services (MSXML) 6.0 
  • MSXML 6.0 is needed for the XPS Document Writer. To fix MSXML 6.0, run System File Checker. 
  • Make and utilize a new structure format 

QuickBooks Unable to Create a PDF issue may likewise emerge if your structure format is harmed. To fix this, make a new structure layout, change the format on your exchange, and now make your PDF. Check whether QuickBooks can’t make pdf problems is showing up.

In order to get the best results and before starting the steps of troubleshooting, don’t forget to run QuickBooks PDF & Print Repair Tool. Before you begin, don’t forget to update QuickBooks to the latest release.

Those who are using QuickBooks, no matter for how long, or early, must be aware of the problems that may impact the QuickBooks PDF functions like invoicing. Our QuickBooks customer support team is trained specially to answer all your problems and solve all the issues you are facing.

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  1. How can I troubleshoot the issue when you can’t save your form as a PDF?

    When you aren’t able to perform such actions then you try to save your form once again. Close all the other background running programs and then try to save the form. Make a note that if the form doesn’t display properly or correctly in the print preview then this could indicate a printing problem.

  2. Do Print & PDF Repair Tool fix QB couldn’t save the form as a PDF file and how?

    Yes, Print & PDF Repair Tool can fix QB couldn’t save the form as a PDF file. Here, how it can:

    You have to run the Print & PDF Repair Tool from the QuickBooks Tool Hub.

    Step 1 : Download and Install the QuickBooks Tool Hub

    💠 Close QuickBooks 
    💠 You need the most recent version ( to download 
    💠 When the download is complete then open the file (QuickBooksToolHub.exe)
    💠 Follow on-screen instructions to install and agree all the terms & conditions
    💠 Double-click the icon once the install finishes.

    Step 2 : Run the QuickBooks PDF & Print Repair Tool

    💠 Select Program Problems from the Tool Hub 
    💠 It takes a minute to run, select QuickBooks PDF & Print Repair Tool
    💠 Finally, try to email, print, or save as a PDF from QB Desktop again.

  3. What are the reasons behind why QB couldn’t save your form as a PDF file?

    There are various behind QB Couldn’t save your form as a PDF file include PDF file component is missing, PDF converter has become offline, the device is not ready, connectivity issue with a printer, reconciling accounts freezes QuickBooks, print driver host has stopped working, QB has become unresponsive, and more.

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