Features of QuickBooks Online 2018 Plus

QuickBooks Online 2018 Plus

Whenever you speak about accounting, QuickBooks is the first name which we can memorize. QuickBooks is considered to be the most powerful accounting software for the small and mid cap industries. QuickBooks Online 2018 version is another Intuit masterpiece. The software is capable of creating recurring invoices, tracking inventory and manage bills.

QuickBooks Online 2018 plus also allows you to work anytime, anywhere and on any device to keep a track of the business.

The 2018 version has new features and advantages which enables the software to be more productive and appealing to the users.

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Features of QuickBooks Online 2018 Plus

1. Reporting

There are multiple reports which can be extracted from the software. You can pull financial, sales, tax, inventory and performance reports from the software which can be further analyzed to produce more facts driven documents. This would enable the business to take sharp decisions based on the facts and figures.

2. Banking on Web

QuickBooks Online 2018 syncs all the bank accounts which help the business to reconcile every transaction and match with the data in the company files. You can also print and write checks from the software. You can view all the credit card transactions and details from the software.

3. Recording Payments

QuickBooks Online 2018 allows you to set up vendor list which then keeps a track of all the bills and payments to be received. An automated plan can be set to pay all your bills without any manual intervention. There can be customized purchase orders, goods, notes and invoices which can be created as per the business requirements

4. Customized Invoices

It is one of the foremost features of QuickBooks Online 2018. You can easily customize your invoice for each customer. This would maintain professional terms and also benefit the goodwill of the business. These customized invoices can be automated and scheduled for sending further to the vendors.

5. Data Backup

QuickBooks online is a store of big bundles of data. It comprises of transactions, journals, company files and all the business data. QuickBooks Online 2018 backs up this data on regular basis. This data is saved under the firewall security and hence there is no probability of hackers and viruses to take over. QuickBooks updates your records with every change.

Need Professional Help?

QuickBooks online is a store house of incredible accounting features. In case you are unable to understand all the features or facing any kind of question while working on the software, you can contact our Customer Support Team – smb_accountants and get assisted with the best in class QuickBooks professionals who are available 24/7. You can also chat live with these experts on our QuickBooks Online Plus Chat Support portal.

Get Expert Advice to Fix All Accounting & Bookkeeping Problems




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