What to Do When QuickBooks Online Unable to Work Properly

Your software runs like your heart in your body if it is not working properly you may be asking for lot of trouble in some cases you can’t even run your business.

If your QuickBooks online is not working it needs immediate attention you can always do it yourself Intuit provides many self-help tools available in the community section or simply go for support provided by QuickBooks customer services. Below is simple checks you can do manually to fix.


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QuickBooks Online Not Working, Maybe Because of Many Reasons

1. Pop Issues

QuickBooks runs on a browser and browsers may have problems with the Adware or malware attack resulting in too many pops and your laptop running slow because of too many applications on your PC and that may cause QuickBooks online login problems.

Solution of Pop Issues

Please tune your computer from time to time and ensure this laptop is only used for business purpose at times your employees download games, watch Adult content and download stuff which may cause harm to your software.

Updated Browsers:

Browser should be updated on a regular basis to the latest version.

2. Server Issue from Intuit

There may be an issue from Intuit side when the server goes down and Intuit does inform the user if it does and when it happens it is not for a very long time.

Solutions for Server Issue from Intuit

Best solution in this case would be wait and watch.

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