QuickBooks Over VPN Runs Slow

If you go by what has been said by the popular communities, then you will find that maximum people believe that QuickBooks cannot be run over the VPN connection. But in reality, you can, though it is not generally recommended, which is another thing. Let’s have a look on the things that you should know if you want to use QuickBooks over VPN.

What is VPN?

Here we will try to understand that what is VPN and what are its potential benefits. VPN also termed as Virtual Private Network is a kind of technology that allow you to connect remotely two computers.
If we take an example then, say, you are not in town and willing to access the files on the office network of yours, by using the VPN connection you can get the easy access to the files, as if you are using them in your office. Keep in mind this doesn’t mean that you can access the QuickBooks file while you are not in the office.
Second important thing that you should keep in your mind is that, you can use QuickBooks over VPN connection, but it is not technically supported. In this case you may face some issues and Intuit won’t be able to help you for the problems related to the QuickBooks over VPN. Now this doesn’t mean that QuickBooks can’t be used over VPN, its just that the problems you are going to face won’t come under the scope of support provided by QuickBooks.

Make sure that you keep following things in mind while you plan to use the QuickBooks over VPN connection

  1. When you plan to use the QuickBooks over VPN, the most important thing that you should consider is the speed of internet both at the remote location, from where you are going to connect as well as in your office. Ensure that speed of internet is high on both sides otherwise the performance will suffer for sure. No matter how good the internet speed is, by connecting QuickBooks over VPN, the speed will surely slow down.
  2. Second important thing is the number of users getting connected through VPN. As more users get connected with the QuickBooks over VPN, you will need greater as well as faster internet connection to ensure that things work well. In case two users are going to get connected through VPN, then you should be having the faster connection.

Issues and Commonly asked Questions

Why using VPN is not recommended for accessing the database server in the network?
You are willing to access the QB Point of Sale v12 remotely from home and you are also trying to use the GoToMyPC but need to know whether one can run QBPOS successfully on the laptop by connecting the server through the VPN software?
There might be other issues as well apart from what we have discussed above. So, no matter what type of issues you face, you can always get in touch with our SMB QuickBooks tech support team to get the best solutions. Live Chat to get in touch with our QuickBooks technical support team.

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