Do you know which QuickBooks POS software is compatible with Windows 10? If no or confused then here you get the solution for all your queries related to it. Below, you get to know about the things that are faced or have to be done according to the QuickBooks Desktop POS version with Windows 10.

Steps you need to take before and after installing Windows 10 on QuickBooks POS 10.0,11.0 and 12.0

1. Compatibility check-up

Before installing Windows 10 you do get an option to check the compatibility with all the available software you have to run that first and see if you are facing any challenge with QuickBooks POS 10.0.

2. Upgrade to latest POS 12.0

You have to upgrade your point of sale to the latest POS 12.0 and QuickBooks 2017 as QuickBooks always make sure it takes care of compatibility issues in their latest versions.

3. Take back up

In order to protect yourself from any data loss we always recommend that you have to take the entire back up of your data before you try to update your windows.

4. Different Machine

It is always recommended to have the back on a separate machine where your QuickBooks software is not running.

5. Change the host file

Take the back to a separate computer and change the host file this may help you with all the rework.

If your QuickBooks point of sale is not working fine after you installed windows 10 and the data os not loading you will not be able to complete your task there are a few steps which you have to take to make sure it works fine and there are few precautions you have to take before you do an update on your windows.


If there are any queries or issues then you can easily get in touch with the team. You just have to give a call at toll-free QuickBooks POS Technical Support number The team is here all around the clock to help you out by providing the answers to all your queries. The members of the team are experienced so they better know how to resolve your glitches. You can also connect with the team via 24/7 Live chat.


  1. What are the steps for manually installing the update of QuickBooks Desktop 2020?

    Here are the steps that you have to follow:-

    💠 Download the latest version of the software 
    💠 Then open the .exe file in the File Explorer
    💠 Double-click on the file to install the updates
    💠 After that, you have to follow the steps that are displayed on your screen
    💠 Click on the Next button until you get the Finish button 
    💠 Click on the Finish button and you get a message pop-up saying that your software version is updated successfully or update is completed
    💠 Now you are all done.

  2. What things are important and can be done before updating the software?

    💠 You must take the backup of the data and make it more than 1 copy and save it at different locations
    💠 The downloading of the file must not be damaged or corrupted
    💠 Make sure that you have compatibility between your software and the Windows version
    💠 Fulfill all the System Requirements
    💠 There are many other things too.

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