QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner: What you should check before buying a scanner.

The below write-up enlightens content regarding QuickBooks POS inventory Scanner, its major features, and other important components.

QuickBooks POS (Point of Sale) provides all-encompassing solutions for retailers and manufacturers. This can be used for managing the entire inventory.

Also, ringing up sales becomes quite easier. You can simply accept the debit card or credit card of the customer while making the payment. Hardware is provided along with this software, thus enabling you to garner all the solutions from a single place.

Entering inventory manually can be a truly arduous task. This task is further complicated when the retailer deals in multiple items. In such a case, you need hardware such as a barcode scanner or a serial code scanner.

Digital POS systems have been improving over the years. Among them, QB POS is hailed as one of the best programs available on the market. Not only software but also hardware is included in the complete POS package provided by Intuit.

Hardware Provided by Intuit for QB POS:

  • Debit and Credit Card swipe machine
  • Cash Register
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Serial number scanner
  • Monitor
  • iPad and other handheld devices

The main benefit of using QB POS is that it syncs all the data recorded by it with the QuickBooks desktop. Hence, if you are already using QB desktop for managing your accounts then QB POS will benefit you immensely. QB Desktop has myriad features that can help you in analyzing your data and in formulating better plans.

QuickBooks POS Inventory scanner

So analyze your requirements and check the type of items you deal in. If all of them come with a bar code then feel free to purchase a barcode scanner. Also, the barcode scanner is preferred by most retailers.

Barcodes and a serial number of a product act as a key. The value of these keys is stored on a virtual device. The scanner scans the code and transfers it to the POS system. The POS system receives the key and displays the value associated with it. This value contains most major information related to the product such as price, description, and so on. This makes it easier to record sales.

Quickbooks POS Wireless Scanner

Intuit also offers a wireless scanner for their POS systems. Wireless versions of both barcode and serial number scanners are available. Wireless scanners provide more flexibility to users. You can roam around while recording items through the scanner. The most important features of this wireless scanner are:

  • Lightweight
  • Can connect through a USB
  • Can connect through Bluetooth

Working without a cord attached to your POS will provide you with more mobility. Hence, you will be able to work proficiently.

Manufacturing firms can make the most of this software. They can easily track assemblies and sub-assemblies along with raw materials required for producing a particular product. Also, industry-specific reports are present in QB. By using the two software provided by Intuit, organizations can substantially boost their productivity.

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  1. What are the hardwares provided in QuickBooks POS?

    💠 Cash Register
    💠 Monitor
    💠 Serial Number Scanner
    💠 iPad & other handheld devices
    💠 Barcode Scanner
    💠 Debit & credit card swipe system

  2. What are the primary features of QuickBooks POS wireless Scanner?

    💠 It is connected through USB and Bluetooth.
    💠 It is lightweight in nature.

  3. What do you mean by QuickBooks scanner and other scanners?

    QuickBooks scanners are specifically designed to integrate with QuickBooks accounting software, while other scanners may or may not permit QuickBooks integration. Examples of QuickBooks Scanners are wireless mobile devices, barcode readers, barcode scanners, etc.