Quickbooks POS network setup

When you configure the Quickbooks pos network setup then you should keep one thing in mind that Quickbooks pos  2018 should be installed in back office and where sales should be performed very well,not only this you should also keep some steps in your mind and that are:

  • Keep a copy of both front and back workstations.
  • With the correct quickbooks data file you should integrate point of sale.
  • At last you should initiate a financial exchange.

Selecting a Server Computer
You should have one computer at your convenience that should be converted into server computer. This system will perform all POS activities:
Other activities it helps the user with:

  • It helps user in creating and storing POS company/data files.
  • It manages POS registration and Licenses of the user.
  • It gets connected with QuickBooks and exchanges all information with your accounting software.
  • It must be up and running so that your POS can be used from any computer.

Steps to install Quickbooks POS on your Workstation

Make sure that all the other programs except windows are closed.
Now, Insert POS CD in your CD-Drive.

  • Wait for the installation to start automatically, if it does not start automatically, go to your CD-Drive icon, open it and find setup.exe file on the CD.

Now, follow on screen instruction.

  • Now, you have your CD cover, it comprises two main information, your license number and product information, the information will be given to you by agent.
  • Now, select on how many computers, you need to install your point of sale service. If you intend to install it on single computer, go to the next step.
  • Now, if required, restart your computer.
  • The CD will automatically install all other required applications. You may not need any other information except the information from back cover of your CD.

This is handful of detail that you may need to know to get POS setup on your workstation. If you something incomprehensible, task difficult to perform or sudden error while performing action. Contact us on our Quickbooks POS Customer Support Helpline Number smb_accountants, you can also avail our facility of Live Chat Support. We also provide our service through e-mail support. Send us email and get reverted with solution.

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