QuickBooks POS physical inventory scanner

The point of sale hardware and software are in vogue. Digital POS solutions make it easier for organizations to record items, sales while ringing up sales. POS solutions are vital for retailers and can truly transform their business. Also, digital POS systems are now more robust than ever. The functionalities provided in these systems is par excellence and can give your firm a boost.

Intuit is acclaimed for providing QuickBooks POS, which is a complete POS solution including both software and hardware. Users can purchase separate components of their POS systems or select the entire package. Also, several plans are available for customers for making their selection more customizable.

QuickBooks POS Wireless Physical Inventory Scanner

Along with other POS hardware and software components, Intuit also provides a wireless code scanner. It is completely compatible with QB POS and can be used alongside many other popular POS systems.

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Main features of Wireless Code Scanner provided by Intuit:

  • Works without a cord
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Connect through USB
  • Lightweight

Users can also look into another third party wireless barcode and serial number scanners. Before purchasing, ensure that the equipment is compatible with your version of QuickBooks POS.

Benefits of using QuickBooks POS:

  • Includes both software and hardware: QuickBooks POS solution includes both software and hardware. Hence, users have complete freedom of selecting a component of the POS system such as cash register, bar code scanner, Serial Number Scanner, Receipt Printer, Credit card reader, EMV Ready PIN Pad, Pole Display, wireless code scanner and so on.
  • Inventory tracking: With multiple hardware items such as serial number scanner, barcode scanner, and wireless code scanner, users can track inventory in real time. Count for each item along with other information is just a click away. Also, everyone with proper authorization can view and make changes to the data. Hence, QB POS can be used as an Electronic Data Interchange System by any organization
  • Data Synchronization: All data in QB POS can be synchronized with QB Desktop. Users can link the two software for syncing data between them. Hence, users will have all the robust accounting tools and features available in QB desktop for QB POS.
  • Data Analysis: Users can analyze data recorded in QB POS. Also, data synchronize with QB Desktop can also be used for data analysis. QB POS incorporates reports specific to the use of retailers.
  • Ring up sales: While entering a sale, users can easily record the transaction with the help of credit card and debit card scanners. Also, the cash register is available for maintaining cash.

QuickBooks POS regularly receives updates from Intuit. According to their website, the latest versions of QuickBooks POS are 10 times faster than the older versions. So if you want to purchase or upgrade, now is the time. For any help related to Quickbooks POS, talk to our Quickbooks proadvisor now at ?smbaccountants.com.


  1. How would you do physical inventory in QuickBooks POS?

    In QuickBooks Point of Sale, open the “Inventory Menu” and then click on the “Start Physical Inventory”. In case if you are just attempting to take inventory just for a single vendor, office, department combination of all things. After that, you have to choose the “View” option from the drop-down menu, the make filter option for those things you are needing to count.

  2. Would you be able to scan the stock into QuickBooks?

    In QuickBooks Desktop, mark your first click on the  “Edit menu” then choose “Preferences” from the drop-down menu. Enter your next click on the ” Items and Inventory” and after that choose the “Company Preferences tab”. Go ahead towards forward and choose the Advanced Inventory Settings, the next thing is to click on the “Barcodes tab”. In the Barcode Scanning Setup, choose that specific item filed that you want to utilize for barcode tracking.

  3. QuickBooks isn’t intended for inventory management?

    To meet your business accounting essentials, QuickBooks gives limited contributions or offers for inventory stock management. Thus, the product may neglect to live up to your inventory management desires, however, it’s not intended to.

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