In QuickBooks there are many modes of payment though which you can pay to a customer or vendor and some of these modes of payment are by check and cash. While these payments are done all the records are being saved which means when there are many checks which are submitted they all are saved in a part of QuickBooks which is called check register.

In QuickBooks there are two options of printing one is printing a specific check one by one or all the checks which are present in check register.

1. How to Print Check Register in Quickbooks

To Print Check Register follow the steps provided below:

Total Time: 2 minutes

  1. Go to The Reports

    Go to the reports where the balance sheet must be selected

  2. Get The Print of Check Register

    The right account must be selected to get the print of check register

  3. Check The Amount Box

    Then the right amount with the right account name must be checked

  4. Select Customize Option

    Select customize option where you can select the dates from which check register must be printed.

  5. Run Report and Export

    Click on run report and export them either in any format of Microsoft office.

    When the report is finalized it will provide with the accurate balance with the ending and opening amount with date range. Save all the settings once its final and then the print for the check register in QuickBooks is given.

It could be possible that you may need the physical version or a hard copy of your register. QuickBooks will help you to get the Checking Register or the register related to any of the account printed.

Steps given below will guide in printing your register:

2. How to Open the register’s account that you want to get printed

  1. Select Banking and then Use Register, or you can also click on the icon of Check Register, present on Home Screen. In case you have two Bank accounts then choose the register of the account, for which you wanted to get a print.
  2. You will see the dialogue box of Print Register. This option will appear, when the register for the account is open.
  3. Fill the Date Range fields: If you want to get the print of the register not of the current year or date of transaction, then you can use the fields of From and Through. Type the dates you wanted to look for and your job is done
  4. You can also click on the checkbox of Print Splits Detail, though this is an optional step, but if you want you can follow this. Messy details are not shown by the register and we are aware of it, but if you still wanted have a look on expenses and items tab, then you can click on the checkbox.
  5. Click OK, if you find that everything is as per your specifications.
  6. You can also print the report to disk
  7. Finalize the paper orientation, like how the report is going to be, or I’m which direction it will be printed
  8. By using Print Range option you can define the page limit
  9. You can also get a colored print, if you have a colored tag printer. Just select the Print in Color checkbox
  10. You can preview the report before finalizing it
  11. Once the report is exactly the way you wanted to be, click on Print and QuickBooks will get your register printed

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  1. How do I print the check register in QuickBooks Desktop?

    Initially, select the Banking >> Use Register. Next, select the desired bank account that you wish to view. After that, click on File and then Print Register. Also, select the Date Range that you would like to print for. Now, press the “Ok” button. You will be given some additional options to customize the way this information is printed. If the current list is fine, then click the Print button.

  2. Is it possible that we can print the check number in QuickBooks?

    Yes, QuickBooks allows you to print check numbers for easier monitoring on your checks, or use the check register to display a list of transactions and verify your account numbers. Upon printing checks, you will need to set the start check number. If you have already printed the checks in your past then it may complete your check number in series. It is possible to print the registered history, if you only wish to view the list of check numbers that are entered into your account.

  3. How do I print the check number in QuickBooks?

    You just have to follow these simple steps to print the check number:

    💠 Go to the “Edit” option and then select “Use Register” option 
    💠 Now, look for check register containing account and click on it
    💠 After that, select the “Print” icon 
    💠 Also, select the desired range of date that you wish to print for 
    💠 Check the checkout named “Print Split Detail” 
    💠 Finally, hit the “Ok” button and then “Print” option.

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