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QuickBooks pro timer is the different program that usually runs separately of QuickBooks and not only this it also download separately from QuickBooks. With the QuickBooks pro timer you can keep a track on everything even if the QuickBooks is not installed on some particular computer you can then also keep a track about the partners, owners or employees who use the computer.

Not only this with the help of QuickBooks pro timer you can also import that into QuickBooks for the payroll and invoicing activities. Some people also have the question that how you can download QuickBooks pro timer then you need not to worry.

Steps to Download It and Use It in a Way You Want

  • After downloading the QuickBooks pro timer then you can install the files after that just click on the link that matches your QuickBooks version.
  • The new QuickBooks timer setup file will be saved on your desktop.
  • Now create the installation folder after that just extract the zip file into that installation folder.
  • Now at last you can easily create a shortcut of QuickBooks pro timer on your desktop.

QuickBooks Pro Timer is termed as a standalone and an independent program that does not depend upon QuickBooks product for its function. This means that anybody can use it, no matter if the QuickBooks is installed in their system or not. QuickBooks Pro Timer program can be easily utilized by more than one user, irrespective of the fact if they have QuickBooks installed in their system or not. QuickBooks Pro Timer can be shared easily with other clients as well.

Business owners use this program, irrespective of the industry or size, so that the input time of the employees is tracked along with the subcontractors, who are working for them. With this program, one can do the time tracking accurately of the employee inputs. This helps in paying the amount based upon the time spent on the assigned task or projects.

In order to ensure that the user can deploy QuickBooks Pro Timer program to subcontractors and employees, QuickBooks files special customers jobs and list and personnel and the specific tasks. With this program QuickBooks file could be imported through the “File – Import Customer Lists.” After uploading all the required and relevant information, you can share the program with other users as well.

Files with four extensions is used by QuickBooks Pro Timer

  1. *.TDB: QuickBooks Pro Timer working file and it is found in QBTIMER directory
  2. *.BDB: QuickBooks Pro Timer backup file
  3. *.LDB: Microsoft will access the file required for *.TDB file
  4. *.IIF – (Intuit Interchange Format) it transfers the list data to QuickBooks Pro Timer and then the time data is sent back to the QuickBooks Online

After following these steps, if you still face some issues then you can take the expert advice from QuickBooks tech support team. You might seek some other information, apart of what we mentioned here and we understand that, so QuickBooks Technical support team is there to answer all your queries. All you have to do is just call our ?smbaccountants.com to get the best suggestions from QuickBooks Customer Support team.

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