How to Enter Customer Deposits in Quickbooks?

To enter customer deposits in quickbooks, You need to follow mentioned below steps:

Total Time: 6 minutes

  1. Step One

    Go to Banking

  2. Step Two

    Click on make deposit.

  3. Step Three

    Select the bank in which you want to deposit funds.

  4. Step Four

    Choose the appropriate date.

  5. Step Five

    Under received from column

  6. Step Six

    Select the name of the customer for whom you want to deposit funds.

  7. Step Seven

    On the second column choose the account.

  8. Step Eight

    Last column enter the amount which you want to receive

  9. Step Nine

    Click on save and close

Alternate Method : Enter Customer Deposits in Quickbooks

  • If you already have created an invoice then go to customers.
  • Click on receive payments.
  • Under received from choose the name of the customer.
  • As soon as you choose the name of the customer invoice information will come automatically with the amount.
  • You just need to choose the name of the bank you want to deposit and make sure you are selecting the date accordingly in which you want to make deposit.
  • If required you can change the amount.

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