Enter Rent Received in Quickbooks

How to Enter Rent Received in Quickbooks: Quickbooks Rental Property

To Enter Rent Received in Quickbooks, You need to follow the simple steps mentioned below:

Total Time: 9 minutes

  1. Step One

    Login to your Quickbooks accounts and head over to the customer center section.

  2. Step Two

    You would need to now select “New Customer/Job” tab. From there select “New Customer”, this will open up a different screen wherein you would be able to enter details.

  3. Step Three

    Here feed in the property details. You can be as much detailed as possible.

  4. Step Four

    Click “OK” and this will save your new customer details.

  5. Step Five

    If you have more than one property then you can click on NEXT and will allow you to enter next property.

  6. Step Six

    Now you would need to click “New Job” tab to set up tenant for you property.

  7. Step Seven

    Enter their Name, address, phone number to keep their information handy.

  8. Step Eight

    Click next to save another tenant.

  9. Step Nine

    Now click “Customer” tab to select “Receive Payments”. This will help you enter rent receipts. Enter the rent payment amount and click OK to save it.

  10. Step Ten

    Congrats, your Quickbooks rental property is now saved within quickbooks.

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