In QuickBooks there are many details which are present to keep all the data in sequence so that if in future any details need to be checked or analyzed the QuickBooks have all the data saved in it regarding all the company files and folders.

In QuickBooks there is a search bar which helps to get to the required field where a user wants to check. This search bar is very important to be working because most of the times the user wants to get a information or transactions that are been done earlier so to search them user types the keyword related to the topic and gets the information available for the same.

When QuickBooks search not working

  • There is a option to update the search
  • Index should be checked
  • Restart the QuickBooks
  • Check the firewall settings
  • Reinstallation of QuickBooks

Why QuickBooks search stops working

  • Due to an update required
  • Some registry error in QuickBooks
  • Search function not working

Basic search of QuickBooks ensures that the transaction is found by you quickly, just by following few simple things. Below mentioned three types of search are executed as part of Basic Search:

  • Transaction Date Basic Search
  • Transaction Amount Basic Search
  • Transaction/Reference Number Basic Search

Advanced Search will help you to go with the detailed search. This advanced search could easily be accessed from basic search through the link or through the search box.

Now imagine, if your QuickBooks search is not working, and you are in a middle of something very important, what will you do? Isn’t it going to be a problematic situation and you may get panicked too.

But you do not have to worry about it. To get rid of this issue, ensure that your QuickBooks is updated as per the current and most recent release. Periodic updates for software maintenance are provided by QuickBooks Desktop, which ensures that these issues are fixed easily, compliance information is updated and features & enhancements are added.

Once the QuickBooks is updated to the latest version of release, go back to the Search preferences settings. Select Update Automatically and then choose Update now button.

These steps will help you to get rid of the issue, but if in case the problem persists, then you can consult our QuickBooks Technical Support team. Professionals with extensive knowledge are a part of our QuickBooks tech support team. QuickBooks customer support team will listen to all your queries and problems carefully and then will guide you to overcome the same. You can directly call our QuickBooks Customer Support team on


  1. What are the reasons that trigger the QB Desktop search not working issue?

    If the search feature for QuickBooks is not working then you might not have updated the software to the latest version available. Nevertheless, the error related to the QuickBooks search feature can also affect many other reasons.

    Check out the list below-

    💠 QuickBooks search feature error can be triggered by registry error in Windows OS.
    💠 Regardless of security issues, it may be the QuickBooks Firewall obstacle.
    💠 Outdated software versions of QuickBooks.
    💠 Possible damage to the search index files in QuickBooks.

  2. What are the possible solutions to fix QuickBooks search not working issue?

    Here are some of the effective solutions that may resolve the QB search not working issue:

    💠 Solution 1: Rename QuickBooks Search Index File
    💠 Solution 2: Prevent Firewall from Obstructing QuickBooks
    💠 Solution 3: Uninstall & Reinstall QuickBooks 
    💠 Solution 4: Repair Damaged Windows Registry

  3. When does QuickBooks Search bar stop working?

    QB Search bar stops working when the search bar is not updated, restart the QB accounting software, needs to check the index, verify firewall settings, reinstall QuickBooks.

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