QuickBooks Server Linux: What are the system requirements for the Linux database.

QuickBooks Server Linux

In QuickBooks the server manager plays a very important role to keep the entire database safe and secure for the QuickBooks users, vendors or clients. There are some operating system that are used for the database server and one of the most reliable and secure operating system is Linux.

Linux operating system is very user-friendly and open to any kind of platform to work on. This operating system provides ease of database manager in QuickBooks by giving very positive and sequenced database so that it would be comfortable for the users or any person involved in QuickBooks features.

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For QuickBooks Database server Linux provides the interface to keep and save all the data including all the invoice’s, inventories, and expenses or payments.

Requirements To Install:

  • The compatibility of the firewall and antivirus must be checked.
  • All the system configuration requirements in terms of both software and hardware.
  • The version of QuickBooks which is compatible with the Linux and the system configuration.

The Components Used in Database Server used in Linux

  • The services activated by the Database server to the data read and write from the Linux server locations.
  • There is a service known as qbmonitord daemon which monitors all the data directories.
  • A configuration service named as qbmonitord.conf (configuration) is used to specify the data.

QuickBook uses different database server for different operating system. QuickBooks Linux Database Server is one of the most important parts of the QuickBooks as it is used to store the data.

In QuickBooks, Linux Database Manager consists of the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise database server that stores the QuickBooks company files.

The QuickBooks Linux server allows you to connect across the network and share and access the files. People come across various issues while downloading and installing the database server so here we have provided the steps to install the database and we recommend you to always download the software’s from the official website so that you do not encounter unnecessary issues.

How to install the linux database server manager

  • Make sure that you are the root user for installing and configuring the QuickBooks Linux database server.
  • For the installation process firstly you need to go through the system requirements and make sure your system is compatible and ready for the installation.
  • To install the QuickBooks Database Server Linux download the setup from the official website of intuit or from the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Website.
  • Next download the key to check the integrity of the downloaded package.
  • After that you need to open the terminal window and write the rpm -K <packagename> command and press the enter key.Here <packagename> signifies the name of the Linux Database Server Manager RPM package.
  • Further design the directory for keeping all your QuickBooks company files.
  • Make sure you configure the directory of QuickBooks company files as a Samba share directory to have the multi user access.
  • Next place all the QuickBooks company files in the directory you just created and set the permissions for the users.
  • Linux is case sensitive so be careful while doing any setup.

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