While you are trying to download the payroll update or paying the scheduled liabilities or opening the state or federal form, you may see an error message popping up, which says:
File specified by you can’t be opened. Ensure that it is not the read only file or being used by some other program.

To resolve this error:

  1. Keep on clicking on OK continually on the error message that popped up till the time you are assured that update is completed 100%
  2. Close the QuickBooks and then re-open it
  3. Ensure that QuickBooks you are using have the latest update

Important to Remember: Select your Version and Product then select Search and after that tap on, Get the link of latest update.

  1. Then close down the QuickBooks and then restart your system
  2. After that right click on the icon of QuickBooks and after that tap on Run as the Administrator

If the error is still not resolved then:

  1. Use the internet connection that is cable connected while trying to retrieve the updates. If you are using the wireless connection for downloading the updates, then the chances are that it may lead to some unexpected results
  2. First of all open the User Account Control Settings
  3. Then try accessing the Control Panel:
  • For Windows 7: Firstly choose Windows button and after that Control Panel
  • Windows 8: Go to Start menu and then on Search bar write Control Panel. After being located tap on the app of Control Panel to open
  • Windows 10: Now from task bar select the icon of Search and then write Control Panel. Once you locate it select the app of Control Panel to open
  1. Go to search box and then enter UAC and after that select the Change User Account Control settings.
  2. Try doing anyone of the step given below:
  • Turn off the UAC: Make sure that slider is moved towards the position of Never notify after doing that click on OK. If asked type the password, you can also provide confirmation. In order to apply these changes, restart your system.
  • Turning on the UAC: In this case the slider should be moved in order to select that when you can be notified after doing so click on OK. If asked provide the confirmation or enter your password
  1. Configure the security settings of Internet and Firewall for the QuickBooks Desktop. The problem you may encounter could be due to the reason that the firewall is blocking the access of internet that is needed by the specific QuickBooks files or programs. Update the firewall as it may resolve the problem or you can also try configuring the firewall software manually
  2. Try running Reboot.bat
  3. Close the QuickBooks Desktop
  4. Then get the folder open up that contains the file of reboot.bat
  5. Then go to reboot.bat file and then right click on it and after that select Run as Administrator
  6. The Command (DOS) window will get opened, this window will be of black colour, where you will see the file names scrolling rapidly. Make sure that you do not close the window manually. Once the reboot.bat file utility gets complete, this window will be closed
  7. Check whether the issue is resolved or not. If not then try restarting your computer
  8. Try repairing the QuickBooks Desktop
  9. Use clean install and reinstall the QuickBooks
  10. Step One: First of all uninstall the QuickBooks Desktop
  11. Step Two: Make sure that installation folders are renamed
  12. Step Three: In the last reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop

Issues that users face

While you are trying to open QuickBooks, it may get stuck on the company file and does not open up further. The message that popped up says that, “The file you are asking for cannot be opened.  Ensure that it is not used by some other program or it is not the read only file.
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