QuickBooks keeps attachments in a particular folder structure, inside the folder named Join, which is situated in a similar folder as the Company files. Qbox can be utilized to share these attachments, alongside the Company files. Attachments can be added by the proprietor and shared clients, who have been given ‘Administrator’ authorization for the Sync folder containing the files. Kindly note that the ‘Append’ folder will be charged independently when shared on Qbox. As there can be 1000’s arrangement file attachments, clients who ‘claim’ the company files, make their Sync folders in Qbox and offer them, to keep control

How to delete attachments on invoice?

Sometimes it happens that you may attach a document to a wrong list of items or transactions through the feature QuickBooks Attached Documents. It is simple to remove an earlier attached document in QuickBooks attached Documents.

For this you have to consider certain attached documents basics such as:

  • Till you want to remove a document from online storage, you can only unattach the documents from QuickBooks not through the web interface.
  • QuickBooks refers to the process of not attaching as “deleting the attachment
  • To delete an attachment from a linked list item or transaction does not necessarily involve deleting the attachment from documents stored on the Attached Documents server.

Sometimes the user faces trouble while opening an attachment with the customer file in the Document center.

Also, users look sometimes to delete unwanted or unnecessary attachments on voice. Here are some of the relevant and appropriate that users can follow to delete the transactions.

2 ways to delete attachments on invoice

Basically, there are two ways to delete attachments from an invoice. You can remove it either through the invoice window or attachments page.

Check out here the two different ways:

1. Through the Invoice window

  • The very first, open the desired invoice 
  • After that go to the Attachments section within the open Invoice window
  • Now hit the remove option that indicates (X) on the attachments 
  • Finally, hit the save or save and close option.

2. Through the Attachments page  

  • Initially, go to Gear icon that you can find in the upper right corner 
  • Next, select and click on the Attachments that you wish to delete 
  • Now select the Delete option that is next to Download option or you can choose it with the help of drop-down menu
  • In the end, click on “Yes” in order to confirm and verify the action. 

How to Resolve QB Attachments Issue

Run repair QuickBooks to fix this error. Run the steps on the workplace to resolve the issue.

Close QuickBooks program and end all QuickBooks running application in your Task Manager

  • Go to your Task Manager
  • Highlight all applications that start with .qb, QuickBooks, or Intuit
  • Click End Task at the bottom

Run Repair QuickBooks

  • Use Windows + E to open the Computer window. (For Windows 8, click the Computer tab)
  • Click Uninstall or change program
  • Select QuickBooks
  • Click on Uninstall/Change
  • In the QuickBooks installation window -> click -> Next -> select the Repair radio button
  • Click next -> then Repair button
  • Click Finish. Your installation of QuickBooks is now repaired.
  • Reboot your computer once you get prompt to reboot.
  • Open QuickBooks program
  • Navigate to you Document Center and attached a file

In case the above mentioned steps fail to resolve the error you can report the issue to QuickBooks Technical Support Number ?smbaccountants.com . The QB professionals are technically sound and include expert Pro Advisors, skilled and capable of resolving the error instantly.


  1. Different types of files that you can be attached?

    ✣ Since there is no restriction on the type of file. So, you can attach the items of the files such as accounts, transactions, vendor names, inventory items, employee names, and other names. 

  2. Can I condense remove old attachments?

    ✣ Yes, however you will be asked to confirm this action before the attachments are delete/remove. 

  3. Can I rename an attached file?

    ✣ No, you can rename or change the display file name to suit as per your needs. However, the original name of the attachment file cannot be changed. In case, you don’t need to change the name of a file first, you’ll need to detach it then rename the file name and at last, you’ll have to reattach it.

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