Error:Unable to retrieve connected files and user list

Sometimes while scanning the folders that comprise of QuickBooks data files for multi-user access, there are chances that you encounter error stating: QuickBooks unable to retrieve connected files and user list. 

This situation crops up on either Windows 2003 or 2008 Servers. You need to switch QB Cloud hosting solutions to keep away this kind of error in future.

The main cause for the occurrence of the error is when the QuickBooks
Database Server Manager (QBDMgr) is not installed:

  • On the root of the server, or
  • The files are located on external hard drive or
  • Firewall blockage.

Troubleshooting Connectivity Issue of QuickBooks Data File

While scanning when you encounter the above-mentioned error, you are restricted not to open any file from server however, it opens in the single user mode. Assure that hosting is off at that time.

While trying to switch to multi-user mode you will get the error message: you are attempting to work with a company file that is located on another computer that also requires additional installation and setup.

How to Resolve to Error?

Follow the below mentioned steps to resolve the error.

The resolution steps are recommended by Intuit and it rectifies the error instantly.

  • Uninstall and reinstall the QBDMgr to the root of the server (where Windows Operating System (OS) resides.
  • Move or copy folder(s) containing the company data files to the local drive.
  • Allow QuickBooks access through your Firewall.

In case the above mentioned steps fail to resolve the error you can report the issue to QuickBooks technical support number. The QB professionals are technically sound and include expert Pro Advisors, skilled and capable of resolving the error instantly. They are approachable and responsive to client’s doubts and queries through live chat, email, toll free phone number etc.


Alternatively you can choose support from third party agencies when the QuickBooks team is engaged for a long time. QuickBooks Professionals is a reliable QuickBooks Consulting Agency that offers best quality support for error rectification smooth and quick. It roofs highly experienced and knowledgeable QuickBooks professionals who with their combined skills help to resolve the issues. You can dial Toll Free phone number ?

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  1. How can I install the QB database manager to retrieve the connected files?

    First of all, install the database server manager on your server system. Then, set the firewall permissions. Update the database manager to the latest version. Once you completed the process then again open the QuickBooks to ensure the issue is resolved or not.

  2. How can I fix the connectivity issue of the QuickBooks data file?

    Open the File menu and then choose the “Utilities” option. From the drop-menu options, click on the Rebuild Data. Go to the QuickBooks Information window and then perform the steps to save a backup file. Then, the tool runs to repair the file. It may take a little time to complete. Once processing is completed then hit the OK button.

  3. How can I log off QuickBooks forcefully?

    Firstly, Launch the QuickBooks Messenger and then open the company menu. Then, you have to close the company file for the users. Now, proceed forward with the user whose QuickBooks you want to close. Hit the Close button and exit from the company file. From the confirmation window, hit the Yes button.

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